Dear friends I joined Boddunan some days back to earn some money.

At that time My english was not too good and also I was not able type a thing very fast. but after some days I got to know that I am goingto get rs 1023 from boddunan I wont beleive that and I received that cheque also at my home address.

Then I realize that This is a good and genuiene site and I try to find out for what reason they paid me as I had not submitted any good articles then from My earning page I got to know that due to referring some members to this site I earned that money.

This is a nice feature of boddunan to get members and also it is benefit for the member who refer to them to this site.

Then the main thing I got busy with my full time job but I try to spend some time with this site ebcause I enjoy a lot answering others here I feel that I am one of thesenior member who knows Boddunan from starting and I fee proud for that also because most of the people who joiun new here they know me because My  profile come generally top due to my Profile visit number and my Earning points.

what ever may eb this is one of the best place in Online where members can Learn and earn at same place at same time.

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