Now Days so many people searching searching the key word in Internet,home based jobs, earn online, online money,money for referring, money for writing articles,pay to click etc.

This is the reason where so much demand there so much fraud also.

So there are thousand sites who are giving Chane to there members to earn some money online.

And thousands of site who are taking the benefit of the people and there members.

they are creating fake payment proves and also they show some certificate that they are certified by some International agencies for there payment service.

Now days sites also available to make fake payment proves

check out the site below by which you can also make a fake payment proves from adsense and can sell your product your promotion easily.

I have wasted my 1 year for working on a site which shows me that site has got certificate from an International organization for its timely payment to there member.

I joined that site and wasted 1 year when I reached at minimum payout level they did not respond any further mail.

So I left that site and search for only Indian genuiene site and then I fund

the site name is

and I work for them started writing articles and referring some of my friends.

I got some money from them.

i got paid twice from them .

first month i got Rs1010 and my second pay out was Rs1317.

I am expecting some more money from them by spending some spare time with the site.

So dear friends when ever you are searching for any kind of online job if you found any genuine then its ok or else join which is India's maximum paying web site to the members and also it is going to soon get adsense revenue sharing approved so that you can enjoy double benefit at single platform.

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