MIG(Metal Inert Gas) welding is also referred as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW). Also called as Semiautomatic welding process since all the welding components are controlled by a welding machine. It is commonly used for high deposition rate in the welding process. It uses an alloy of aluminium in a wire form and as a combined electrode and filler material.

MIG process uses a Direct Current power source along with a electrode positive(EP). But alternating current power source can also be used.

The welding gun consists of -- a control switch,power cable, gas nozzle, contact tip, electrode conduit.
Refer this image

(1)Torch handle
(2)molded phenolic dielectric
(3)shielding gas diffuser
(4) contact tip
(5) Nozzle

Primary shielding gas used are
(3)CO2 ( in pure form).

There are many benefits of MIG welding:
(1) Better finish is achieved.
(2) This type of welding can be done by less shilled person also.
(3) Cleaning is easier if compared to other welding processess.
(4) High deposition rate than other welding process.

Below is the image that dscribes the MIG welding process

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