Adsense Revenue

Hello friends, I would like to share a way of earning by Google Adsense. There are many blogsite on which you may write you blogs lke, etc, but not only this when google itself pay you just to let it show ads on you site. Just register on any of the blogsites and write some blogs. When your site is prepared register it with Google Adsense on wait for approval of your application.

Q. But how will I earn through adsense ?

Ans. The answer is very easy and simple that you all have to do is to add your Google Adsense Id with your any blogsite. When the Google Adsense will begin to appear on your site, on the blogs. Now, When Someone will visit your site, Your ads will appear and if he/she click on the any if the ads, You will get paid for it.

Things to do is just to free register on any of the blogsite which offers to add your adsense id, If you don't have any adsense account, register on with your blog sites.I would like to advice to use because It's very simple to register an adsense account with this site. When you got the Adsense id, Go to your blog account and add your adsense id.

Now you have done your work, Just be active member and share your site links with your friends or post them on internet. So, the people will visit your site and may be they click on your ads. You may also use orkut, facebook and twitter to share your site and get more visiters.

Remember more visiters means more clicks, more clicks refers to more earnings.

Caution: Never click on your own Google ads by self, This may cause your Google Adsense Id deleted.

Payout: You will be paid out once you have earned a minimum of $100 before the end of the next month through a cheque.

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