Does Bodunan has tie up with Google Adsense and does it provide adsense revenue
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We have not yet applied for Google Adsense Revenue Sharing program as it requires 100K page views per day. Once we meet their requirements, we will provide the option.

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dEAR SIDHHARTH no site get tied up with adsense revenue sharing pro gramme.

Adsense has some policy and terms which boddunan has not yet fulfilled .
one of them is the site has everyday at least 100k page impression.
but as boddunan is in growing stage it has not touched this path so do not worry just stay active here and try to spend more and more time on this site so that we can achieve that goal as soon as possible
Thanks for your response Soubhagya. If you remember you had told me about Boddunan so thanks a lot
Sidharth You cant believe Google Adsense is the most effective On line Earning Programme.

So lets work hard and harder so that we can reach at the minimum requirement of adsense and boddunan will get approved from adsense for revenue sharing program,me
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