T.V.S. Ronin is a retro style bike. breaking the shell of making semi-sport bike T.V.S. has introduced a all new retro style bike named RONIN. Lets see if this beast perfectly suits in your garage or not.

functionally T.V.S. makes excellent bike. Ronin is no exception of this. Ronin's motor is a 226cc oil cooled single cylinder engine, which produce 20.4 break horse power at 7750 rpm. Its max torque is 1993Nm which comes at3750 rpm. it has a 5 speed gear box along with slip and assist clutch. Its top speed is 120 Km/Hr. so it doesn't intend to go fast but it can give you a very comfortable ride experience. It got Showa's 41mm USD suspension (front) and got monoshock with 7-step preload adjustability in rear. its front disc size is 300 mm and rear disc size is 240 mm. it comes with both single and dual channel abs with "urban" and "rain" riding modes. Its curb weight is 159-160 kg. As it is much lighter than other retro style bike i.e. Royal Enfield classic 350, Honda Highness 350 etc, so it can easily compete with these motorcycle. its seat height is 795mm, which means a short rider can easily ride this bike. Because of its compact design a short rider can feel that he/she is riding a big bike. Its ground clearance is 181mm which is quite sufficient especially for speed breakers and pot holes. 

Now, let's talk about its instrument cluster. It has a small round retro style instrument cluster with Bluetooth connectivity and turn by turn navigation system. But the font size in instrument cluster is very small which can be very annoying to somebody. It has a 14 liter fuel tank. T.V.S. has not revealed official figure of mileage but it gives an easy 35-45 Km/Lt in city conditions due to its ample low end torque. so in my opinion a 14 liter fuel tank would be enough for a good city riding.

If you are a retro style lover you'll definitely fell in love with it. you can easily cruise at 80-90 Km/Hr, but, beyond that you feel some annoying vibration. but over all its design is very good and it provides you a comfortable seating posture. after finishing the test ride a question will rise in your mind, "Have I got a bike that looks good?" If your mind and heart both are satisfy with the performance of this bike, then you should definitely go for it.

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