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Hello Friends,

I joined boddunan community on 27/06/2009 with a thought to earn some pocket money. Initially I was the only one to contribute articles to the website. I was not sure whether I will be paid or not. As days progressed, I found myself as an important member of this site. At the start,I used to just copy-paste contents from other websites and those articles were rejected with a remark "copied form xxx source". It was really disheartening for me as I was hardly earning anything.

I realized my mistake and started posting self-written articles(received good cash credits for them) and got some referrals which boosted my earning along with posting links in weblinks.

Before my first payment, I helped the website by giving them many suggestions and reported bugs: to the contact team. They were very happy about it and replied with a positive attitude for my help.

I then got promoted to ‘Moderator’ :woohoo: post with the persistant help from a Senior member ,Mr Maverick; a True team Leader. Boddunan is really an important part of my life as I keep learning by reading the articles and also meeting many interesting members.

The tag line of our community is very perfect, it says "Information creates Wealth". Yes it is true that Sharing knowledge has really made me richer both in my pocket as well as to my intellect.
I interact with other members on yahoo messenger almost everyday. It is a very good place to hang out and learn many things.
The day I received my first payment, was memorable for me; it was the first time my father accepted my inputs to pay the Electricity bill of our home. I know many members will laugh about this; but yes I gave my first income from boddunan to pay my bills. I feel very proud to be a boddunan family member and its my pleasure to serve boddunan as a moderator. It is like my ‘second’ home. :cheer:

I am sure that we will have more Testimonials from newly paid members too.Members,- please remember to concentrate on the quality rather than the quantity; and feel free to ask all your doubts in forums and make boddunan a much better website.

Thanks boddunan for everything. :kiss:

Atul Barapatre B)
Help,Feedback and Testimonial
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That is really a superb Testimonial Atul :)

I am really inspired by your journey and I always wish you success throughout your endeavor with

Way to go buddy!

Swetha Shenoy
Your testimonial is amazing. It will not only inspire the members on but will feed energy for the support team who are also spending numerous efforts in reading and approving articles, weblinks and referrals.

This will definitely boost the confidence of everyone and make them move forward with fresh energy. Thanks a lot Atul for your wonderful feedback.

- Maverick

When opportunity is in front of you, don't hesitate to catch it. It will never come to you again. - Maverick

I'm really impressed...........just ultra-awesome.....
Atul You may not aware but after joining I know 3 person here who are mostly active to help new members.

So I thinkyou three will show path to new members and you three will take this site to high sky
Well there will be some new ones who will boom out this site to Sky in just a few days...
Well to be frank ,Soubhagya, you are the ONE who is just making lots of things happening here...
I mean I think Swetha joined here under your referal
and I too...that is so cool:):):)
Sorry for reply so late.. I just posted my testimonial and forgot to see the response.

Thanks a lot friends for your kind support.
I wish we all together take boddunan to new heights.

-Atul Barapatre
Thanks Rajkumar.
I am now feeling Proud .
Lets work little Hard so that we can Take this site to high.
I have experienced that this site is increasing and some time decreasing its reputation but lets work so that Reputation will grow only
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