- :Supernova:-


Supernova is a one of the big encident in a space. When any star become to old in universe and it is his last step( life), it is gonna big boom( strong explosion) to destroy itself called SULERNOVA.


This explosion is much powerfull that produced/ glow a powerfull light in over galaxy.


It's also produce plenty rediation in form of energy that sun will never produced over his whole life.

So the thought of scientist is that its (supernova) is a powerfull and dengerous encident in universe all time.


      :Observation on Supernova:



Generally, we are using telescop to see activities in space now.

But ancient time this managment is not in existence yet this supernova is also shown by some countries like china.

Some countries saying that they are also seen this supernova in space in those time.



  • RC W86 is the 1st supernova which is ahow in space something 185 AD by chiness astrologist.
  • They are consider that it's a guest star which is stay in space about 8 month still.
  • During 1054 chinese and korians scientist was found and studies of crab nabula, supernova which is popular those time and now also.


           : Experiment on supernova :


Year 1930, in guidence of beid experiment on S Andromedeo named supernova which is belongs another galaxy.


Result- the result is show that if any stars change into nutron star than this process is being which is called SUPERNOVA.

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