Top 5 Reasons Which Will Make You Proud Of INDIA 

By- Surya Pratap


 INDIA is well known for its prosperity and large diversity. But also here are some reasons which will make you proud of Indian nation





 Believe it or not, INDIA is considered one of the superpowers among the world, As per THE ASIA INDEX 2021,  INDIA comes in fourth rank in this list...... This is a great achievement for Indians as you know in past 5 years the position of India was not even in top 10's..... Some People criticize the Indian nation for it's defense policies..... India has been constantly been improving its defense policies.... Currently, U.S. is at first then Russia at second and then China third ..... and then of course the land of great leaders and warriors INDIA. Hope This point was only enough to make you proud of your nation 





India was once considered as the country who  would never join the space or make it's own satellite.... But there is a saying SMART MEN WORK, FOOLS KEEP GROWLING.  India's Space organization also called as ISRO (INDIAN SPACE RESEARCH ORGANISATION) is currently at second position in aerospace position. It has grown and built with such a might that,, even now NASA ( NATIONAL AERONAUTICS SPACE ADMINISTRATION ) asks ISRO to launch it's Space flights through its station.... A big proud moment for Indians





Although INDIA is currently having some issues in Poverty and Income index, But INDIA is at Sixth economic position in GDP rank , India is growing at a slow pace ( due to COVID-19 ),  Current GDP of India is Rs. 32.38 lakh Crore or in foreign amount $ 3.25 Trillion...... which is a great thing.... of course due to Covid and some war issues we have been pulled from growth but it's not in India only....... everyone has faced... But Indeed the economy is rising and will rise




India has world's fourth strongest military: Military Direct's study | India  News,The Indian Express


You will be proud to know that INDIA has world 2nd Largest Para-Military force in it's country  and MARCOS ( MARINE COMMANDOS ) are one of the deadliest special forces in the world, Indian commando's have taken very successful covert strikes against terrorism. for eg Surgical Strike in POK, unauthorized territory in Pakistan, Also Indian Military is known to have highest tolerance and toughest training in the world, Even though China is at third position but you must know that there are some parts in the country where even Chinese can't mess with them.... along with military, Indian Air force is at Fourth and Navy at Seventh position in the world.




India Abstains in Second UN Vote on Russia-Ukraine, Welcomes Peace Talks


I wouldn't thought that I could be seeing INDIA as an important representative in foreign matters and exercise........... For instance: Currently In Russia and Ukraine Crisis..... we all have been seeing how much hustle....sanctions...policies have been imposed on Russia... But all the nations want to know about the perspective of India, which is very surprising and great...... Although India has taken a neutral stand ( which is a very good decision )...... But currently no one can imagine a world without INDIA



So, Yes these were some points, although there are many, but these are enough to make everyone know that it's not the old India........ So share this with your friends and to those who criticizes or underestimates India.





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