Dear Friends,


I was not active on boddunan since last 1 year Now I am seeing format and color change for site its good. I want to know what other things which is new and change since last 1 year.


Santosh Kumar Singh


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Welcome back. The best thing to know about Boddunan is to watch the activities of the site for a while. As you are entirely not new, you can easily know and grasp the new things in Boddunan . All the best.


Welcome back. Read the FAQs and other forum posts. You will come to know what all is new here!

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Just an observation...we have these posts from time to time, members dropping in and making a post asking what is new and then disappear ,,,it no doubt livens up the forum lol...

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Thank you said by: Kalyani Nandurkar

I am also new here, to see what's new here you just have to have a look for half an hour and you will know everything about 

bhuyali saroj

Incidentally, Santosh Kumar singh is a very senior member. He has been also an editor of the site. I got guidance from him when I just joined the site. I hope it is not difficult for him to know everything within no time. 

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