Looking at the way the corona epidemic has created a furore, this disease is becoming very dangerous, which has not yet received any systematic treatment. But according to the medical department, now some such processes are done in our body, by which this corona patient can be detected and all the diseases present in that patient's body can be treated. To understand the diseases inside the body, it is necessary to understand the antibodies of the body.


  • What is antibody test

Blood samples of any body, antibody test gives very important and most important information. This test shows the process happening inside your body, this type of test shows whether you are a victim of a virus or not. In a general way, antibodies are actually a type of protein that helps fight infection in the body.

  • How does an antibody test

A sample of the blood of any human body is taken to perform an antibody test. And its training is done. Actually, the method of sampling antibody test is different from RT-PCR. Since the time of corona has started, we have seen that the sample for RT-PCR test is taken from the nose or throat. But a blood sample is required for an antibody test.


  • Difference between antibody test and RT-PCR test

Ever since the corona epidemic started, we have heard the name RT-PCR, but from April 2021, we are also hearing about another new test antibody test. Let's see how the antibodies test is different from RT-PCR.

  • The method of testing with RT-PCR is quite simple, its sample is taken by nose or throat. Whereas body blood is used to test antibodies. Blood is extracted from the body in the form of a sample.
  • After taking a sample from RT-PCR, it takes several days for the report to come in, it only takes a few minutes to report it after taking the sample from the antibody.
  • RT-PCR only detects viruses in the human body to determine whether there is a corona virus or any other virus in the body, while through the ANTIBODY test, the body has an antibody element to fight against that virus. is applied.
  • Antibody formation

Blood is most important in any human body. Many types of bacteria are found in the amount of blood in the human body. Of all the types of bacteria found in the blood, some are good for the body, in the same way some bad bacteria are also found in other types of body, which are harmful for the body. Some antibodies are also found in the blood found in human body.

  • Antibody Test Results

To check the blood which is extracted from our body, our blood is checked by placing it in a white colored tube. By the way, you must know that antibody test is also called blood test. Blood test in the body in the normal way is called antibody CHECKUP.

  • Antibody Test Kit

A blood test is a checkup kit that consists of a few plates that are white in color. And this white kit has some integrators which have different meanings.

  • Antibody Test Price

If you get this test done in a government hospital, then you may not have to pay much for it, but if you get this test done in a private lab, you may have to pay about 1000 to 1500 rupees for it.

  • Why are people getting antibodies checked in Corona

By getting antibodies checked, it is known that our body has immunity to fight disease. In order to check antibodies in the body, it is very important to get an antibody test. Antibody test should be done at the behest of the doctor. If your body is at risk of any kind of infection, then you should get an antibiotic test done so that you can know how much ability your body has to fight the virus. This is the reason why people are getting antibodies checkup for corona so that they can know how much it has the ability to fight this corona virus in the body.

  • Antibody boosting measures

You can do the following to increase your body's antibodies, however, to increase antibodies and immunity and related to it, it is very important to consult your doctor -

  • Make sure to consult your doctor so that he can give you medicine to boost the intensity.
  • Using ayurvedic methods is very beneficial to keep the body healthy and healthy, in such a way, you can drink a sprig of Giloy and juice of neem leaves, this can increase the immunity of your body.
  • Drinking basil leaves mixed with warm water and making its juice can also increase the body's immunity.
  • Always eat nutritious food and avoid eating over-fried things.
  • Be sure to apply Corona vaccine, as it also helps in increasing immunity of your body.

These are all general tips by which you can keep your body fit and increase immunity in your body.

  • Benefits of antibody test

Time saving 

The result of this report is much faster than RT-PCR i.e. within few minutes.

Result Accuracy -

Results of this test are slightly accurate with RT-PCR. So this investigation should be done.

Immunity detection -

By this investigation, we get to know whether we have ever had corona before and it is also known about how much immunity the body has for the boy from the corona.

  • Loss of antibody test

If you get this type of test done, then there is no more harm than this. If the doctor agrees, any corona infected should get this test done first so that it can be treated accordingly.

In this article, you have been told about the Corona Antibody Test, that is being discussed recently. Hope you liked this article.

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