Once your child is three years of age, there comes a responsibility of sending them to school. It is one of the most crucial decisions for parents because laying a rock-solid foundation for your child’s life is essential. We know that most of the brain development takes place during the formative years of a child’s life and it is vital that they are given the best education facilities during these years. If you have decided to opt for for your child, it is essential to know the and the important dates of the process.


Wondering how to start with getting a for your child? The first step of the is to shortlist the schools in and around your vicinity. You should select the schools keeping in mind your child’s needs and interests. Apart from this, considering factors like brand name, school environment and atmosphere, teachers and helping staff, school curriculum, administration system, and all the other factors that contribute to the growth of your child.

Once you have shortlisted the schools you wish to avail the admission for your kid; the next step is to update yourself with the important dates of the so that you don’t miss out on the admission schedule. Mark your calendar with the following dates for all the schools you have finalised:

•    Sale of Registration forms

•    Last date for submitting completed Registration forms

•    Draw of lots

•    Declaration of the list of selected candidates and Waiting List

•    Verification of original documents for selected candidates

Next, check for the eligibility criteria provided by the various schools, which is minimum three years of age as on the 31st March of that year, in most schools. It is also important to check for the number of seats available in the school for the various categories for the apparent reason that schools will not take students exceeding the number of seats reserved for that category.


The admission of the students, as laid down by the board is based on points secured. According to this method, points are given to the candidates on various parameters like the distance between home and school, sibling, school alumni, first born child, etc. Admission is granted to students securing the highest points moving on to the lower ones.

Moreover, most schools in India conduct a Personal Interview session for the children in which they assess the kids on various parameters. Kids, along with their parents should appear for the same on the designated date.

After the interview and other assessments are completed, the list of students selected for admission is taken out by draw of lots. Schools usually take out two or three lists of shortlisted candidates, and every list of selected students is accompanied by a waiting list, the result of which is declared later.


Once the result is declared for all the selected students, the next step in the verification of documents and fee submission. Parents should carry the following documents for verification:

  • Duly filled and signed an Admission form

  • Coloured passport-sized photographs of the child and the parents/ guardian, if needed

  • Original Date of the Birth certificate along with a copy of the same to be submitted at the time of admission

  • A copy of the Progress Report/ Marksheet/ Report Card of the last attended school and class

  • Original Transfer Certificate from the school last attended to be produced upon confirmation of admission

The abovementioned is applicable on as well. It is essential for parents to keep track of the admission schedules of the schools they have shortlisted. They should keep their documents ready to be able to adhere to the guidelines laid by the CBSE Board for admission of children. Further, the admission to a school is made on the first-come-first-serve basis, which makes it necessary for parents to gear up for the upcoming admission season to secure a seat for their child in their school of choice.

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