Brutal Murder of Senior Journalist Gauri Lankesh, What are the motives behind and who are involved?


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lankesh Murder has become a mystery. Investigation is on. Let us see, what happens.

But allegation game is on just after murder...which is alarming.


Allegations are bound to be there. It is but natural. Why hurry, wait and see, where the investigation leads to

Sonch wrote:

But allegation game is on just after murder...which is alarming.

Hi Sonch , welcome to the site. Karnataka has a terrible track record where crime is concerned. There have been several murders , police officers and IAS officer s have committed  'suicide' under suspicious circumstances and some have been hounded because they were not aiding corruption. The CM of the state and the party he represents will blame everybody else other than look for truth ..however, this is a very sad and condemnable  incident involving a highly controversial but fearless lady 

Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !!!

When, all including Sonia, condemned the murder and insisted on investigation. But, CM, Sddaramiah, says, there is no necessity of investigation.

I fully agree with your view, but local administration is unwilling or incapable to solve the series murders of journalists in state. this is 4th in row in just 18-20 months in Karnataka. 


Any how , the investigation is going to take place. I am of the opinion, let us wait for few more days.

The house had four sets of CCTV, they said. Ms Lankesh, 55, can be seen getting out of her car after returning home at night from work. After she parks her Toyota Etios, a man wearing a helmet walks upto her and fires. Of the three bullets that hit her, one was planted in her forehead. 

The murder which has outraged journalists, activists and citizens was reportedly filmed by security cameras installed near Ms Lankesh's garage, said sources in Bengaluru today. 

438168_2_cctv-at-gauri-lankesh-house-650_650x400_51504700134.jpg (You do not have access to download this file.)
438168_2_gauri-lankesh-murder-pti_650x400_61504688940.jpg (You do not have access to download this file.)


Yes. Besides, Siddharamiah who said, there is no need of investigation , now says investigation should bethere 

Whoever is involved in this heinous crime should be booked despite any political parties affiliation.  


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