Why should you start gardening

A recent and small change in my life is putting my smartphone aside and watching the tomato plant growing

in my window while sipping my morning coffee. Well, this small activity replaced one bad addiction, so I

thought, why not write about the benefits of gardening?


1) Low-cost pastime

The soil from the garden and the vegetable seeds you threw in the bin is all you need to start gardening.

Growing a small plant does not even require $1. You can do this at no cost as well.


2) improves the appearance and freshness of the home.

The beautiful green grass and scented roses at the entrance and indoor plants providing oxygen are far

better than any plastic decor of the house, providing no freshness and creating pollution on the other hand.


3) The health benefits of fresh vegetables

The goodness of fresh veggies cannot be defined. The taste, it adds to any dish you cook is much better than

restaurant food. The aroma can be felt. The experience of extracting fresh aloe vera gel is pleasing.


4)Saves Money

Now you don't have to buy carrots, bell peppers, and those expensive brands of aloe vera gel from the

market. It saves almost half of that cost.


5) A New Activity

Now you know you have something to take care of. The day you skip the gym session will not pass in bed

watching useless videos. Instead, gardening will make you walk on the green grass, look at your beautiful

plants, and hear the birds chirping. It will also make you search for things related to the same on Google. Not

even a quarantine can stop you from doing this.


6)Health Benefits

I donʼt think a few words will be enough to write about this benefit. Gardening increases vitamin D levels,

burns calories strengthen the heart and provide healthier food options.


7)Psychological Benefits

Lastly, let's talk about what gardening can do for your brain. It diverts your attention away from unnecessary

stress and can help in times of depression. Gardening teaches you the art of patience; the time it takes for a

plant to grow and produce a vegetable or a flower. It definitely makes you happy as it gives much more than

it takes.


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