The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a lot of people with financial, mental and health issues. Whether you’re a school going kid or a student pursuing his master’s, both of you are thinking when will you be back to your normal routine. My suggestion in this regard would surely be negative as you won’t be able to meet your desire in the upcoming three to four months. It all started with clapping of plates, burning firecrackers on the day of curfew, etc. and has blocked the daily lives of people including students. 


Talking about the life of students during lockdown is a paradox. It has given a few advantages and disadvantages too. Spending quality time with family at home is one of the most important values understood during the pandemic. The value of essentials in life such as food, water, clothing, shelter and family has become quite significant to understand during the lockdown. I Have spent most of the time exploring and learning about new craftworks and getting to know about e-books and novels. 


Being a student, I have faced a lot of obstacles since the lockdown has started. The prime issue I would like to highlight is adjusting our lives with the new normal which is various online learning platforms. We aren’t able to meet our friends and enjoy life like we used to do in our pre-covid days .Our country is going through one of the worst recession situations and the government has not focused on the future of students' education. The PM of our country has talked about all the issues except for students' education and this is what is making students stressed about their future. Many of them don't even have access to laptops and desktop computers, it is difficult for them to afford. Sitting on the blue screen all day and night causes strain to the eyes and hence results in various eye disorders.


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