Middle class life is a scam. A scam from which you can never get out because you do not understand that you are really caught in a scam.
Waking up in the morning, going to work, coming back at night and going to sleep.And the amount spent in this routine is to earn as much by working only as hard.

And this mindset is the biggest problem of the person. Because he only thinks about earning money to pay the bills. That is the difference between rich and poor people.
"Rich people earn to fulfill their hobbies while poor people earn to fulfill their needs"
Man is a community of very stoic nature. It only wants to work that hard. As much as it needs.
All the weight is on you, you want to walk? want to run? Or do you want to fly?

A great man once said "If you try to hit the stars, at least you will hit the moon".
But the truth is that poor people do not even target the roof of their house and then they are sad that why they do not have money?

If you really want to change your mindset about money, the first thing you have to do is change your desires. Otherwise, sit on the floor, you too can satisfy your mind with sentences like "The rich are getting richer and the poorer the poorer."

If you have more money then you can erase the sufferings of other people along with you.
You can inspire, influence others.
And all these things motivate you to become rich.
So cross the limits, think big.
Dream and see new dreams when those dreams are fulfilled. This is the cycle of life
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Great article, I think you should write more on such topics to inspire others

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