yes understanding all the seven taste is very very important once you know that you can add all the seven tastes in any recipe also you can make it very tasty today I'm going to make them vegetable biryani we have learned that rice cooker is the best option for cooking rice for a lot of people for making biryani and all that because you can cook it to perfection now.


              I've got three cups of rice and six cups of water I reduce the small amount of water so I'm adding fine enough cups of water this rice will be like 95% done 5% will be cooked along with the vegetables later so here I am going to add the rice that has been soaked in the water for like 15-20 minutes and always make sure you add the right amount of salt in the water it  will be nice and tasty the rise and in this I'm also going to add some spices the bay leaf cardamom cinnamon what ever the biryani spices we add and in this had a little bit of oil always check the taste of the water this has to be like sea salt water.


            when your rice will be nice and tasty now we are going to cook all the vegetables we're going to add some oil in this I'm going to add some onions one thing I wanted to feature is all seven tastes you know in lot of recipes  if you have little bit confused when ever  you make some recipe you will not find the appropriate you won't feel that good taste in it all you need to do is you  need to add one of these things to ad just it of course what to add it comes with experience and with your own taste when  you look at it try and add a little bit of one of these ingredients so what are these seven tastes that we often neglect in our cooking if you follow this you are all your recipes will be very tasty.


            here I have got the salt salt is the number one of course we added there also I'm going to add some more salt here  in load of curries or even in some fried rice's everything you add a little bit  of sweetness in all of the foods naturally some sweetness is present like in carrots in tomatoes and the green piece there is kind of sweetness but if you think little more is needed if you added your food will become obviously very tasty the next test is oestrogen astringent is the kind of days that you  find in lot of for raw foods if you eat a raw banana you know the pomegranate skin the raw mangoes all of this these things have estrogen even this taste is very essential and specially.


             we get that taste by adding ginger ginger has his estrogen so add some ginger now bitterness weather lot of people bitterness is bad in Kerala we have better lot of people don't like but a small  amount of bitterness is what makes  Indian food very very tasty and the one of the tastiest bitterness what we love is the mustard powder mustard seeds and mustard product so I'm going to add a little bit of mustard powder in this and also I'm going to add some yogurt we added salt we added estrogen in form of ginger we added a mustard protein form of for bitterness and sadness of course.


             I added yogurt and also I'm going to squeeze in some lime juice so the right amount of sadness in any dish will make it tasty but some recipes need very little some recipes like pull sue Colombo what ever we do we love lot of sadness based on the recipe you need to keep that I'm going to add a little bit of juggling you can also add pinch of sugar for that now the pungent the chili powder I'm going to add to this the next one is the umami flavor what we see in the flavouring salts that's why in lot of Chinese food they add a little bit of umami flavor it is naturally present in tomatoes in mushroom in all the meats that umami flavor is available but if you want to get that extra fist you can always add a little bit of umami flavor  by adding flavoring salt but if you don't want you can skip that because it is naturally available.


           so here I'm going to add vegetables carrot potatoes the raw banana you know here I'm going to add some celery sticks I'm going to add stems of broccoli I'm going to add some green piece so this vegetable biryani what I am making you know I'm going to add all the vegetables once you add everything salt is one thing that you always have to be make it tasty add some water the other ingredients what we add to enhance the aroma you know we can add a lot of ingredients like I have some coriander powder some cumin powder and in any biryani the most important flavoring is the mint we're going to add the awesome aroma that is coming from the mint and some coriander in this of course when you add capsicum that will give a very nice aroma but we're going to add it in the last because you don't want them to be over cooked.


         so I've got some green chili the big ones so just red and green chili that's it they are not really hot so I'm just going to add to this now I'm going to let this cook you can look all the vegetables they're all done my last ingredients that bell pepper once the rice cooker trips off all you need to do is add the rice on top of this and put a lid and let it cook on a very slow flame for 3-4 minutes that should be good enough the rice cooker has not dripped yet but I'm just trimming it off so now take this rice and just put it on top the rice is almost 90% done just spread on top so this way you can make your vegetable biryani much more easily some a little bit of flavoring some masala.


          you can add a little biryani masala whatever you want and the saffron water pour in little bit of ghee put the lid on it is so hot that the steam is already hitting it just for five minutes and switch it off it is because we have incorporated all these even tastes into this becomes the most tastiest biryani you have ever tasted the aroma that gives us the perfect flavors here the rice is now hundred percent cooked just to perfection look at this with the vegetables everything and the way we added the capsicum in the last also gave it nice profit good colors this is got the wholesome flavor.


         the aroma and the perfect taste look at this all colors of rice perfect biryani so let's go a head and taste it see when you have the rice with all there Oma's and taste everything this is something you got to taste no one can tell that you added a little bit of jaggery nobody can tell you added some bitterness to it nobody can tell they have added umami flavors into it everything all this combination will make any recipe perfect this is too good perfect and also that little bit of celery and the flavor the mint everything keep cooking enjoy great food every day and keep saying whatever my magic with chef money.




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Thank you that's the great recipe you have shared. I am a food lover and really like Biryani a lot and your post is so helpful.


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