This is not just a word we can feel it by the word as everyone in this world is attached to their families. In this pandemic situation, we can understand it better as we have seen many ups and downs in our lives either it is related to money or health because no one has experienced a day without outing not even for shopping and walks so the one with whom we spend most of our time is our family.

As more as we grow up, we understand the fact that how much our family is important to us. We can share and discuss anything with them they will always listen to you they will always have time for you. So if we talk about teenagers we always prefer friemds over the family for any outing for any discussions or advice but later we get no one in our life can give the best advice than our parents and guardians no one can stay and support you forever as they do. 

Being a part of a wonderful family is always fun and loving we should be honoured for this. Family members are the only ones who love you without any expectations. So always give your time to those who can turn it into worth living it.






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