Can I know if we can add buddies or friends here?I have not found that option so far,thats why I ask :)

Swetha Shenoy
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Well Swetha our developers are working on the members profile page. That page will contain these features.
This page will be introduced soon.

Till then keep writing and keep earning.

-Atul Barapatre

It will be great Idea to add friends option it will help members to know direcly who has posted how many posts and who has earned how much? which will make us a cometative mind
Well we have Boddunan community on Orkut if you want you may make friends there for time being.

we will soon introduce the member profile page.

-Atul Barapatre.

atul i am new here and i want money fast atul can we refer bodunan links at yahoo ,rediff,orkut atul dear can we be friends may i know for how long this site will give money can i earn huge money here
Welcome Mohit to Boddunan family,

I would say there is no way to earn huge money in less time,there is no shortcut. Rather hard work pays you more.

Please read these articles before you go further:
1. Writing articles and guidelines.
2. Referring friends.
3. Submitting backlink.

->You get upto Rs.100 per article depending on the content, presentation, English, etc.
->You get Rs.5.00 for submitting a clickable backlink.
->You get upto Rs.250.00 for each referral( depending on the referral postings).

Please post your queries in the forums.

-Atul Barapatre.
Boddunan Support Team.

Also to add a point that the website is opened two years back and will be active forever.

-Atul Barapatre

Mohit I think if there will be active members then the earning will never stop in this site.
And as if you want make huge money its upon luck try to post your referal link in free classified sites and stay active here for atleast six month then You can make huge money
Hai Soubhagya and Mohit,

You have to understand the primary reason that boddunan.com was set up to help people understand subjects and gain knowledge on various aspects through article writing.It is a secondary factor that you will be paid for your activities,but do not get me wrong,the moderators Atul and Maverick have stressed on the fact that posting of good quality articles will earn you money.
Giving references and your link to friends are all based on choices.There are users here who do not even know what a classified website stands for;forget about being active in them.
I believe we must strive to make boddunan.com a quality oriented website rather than a money earning website.

Thankyou :)

Swetha Shenoy
yes friend you are right but referring site will also make the site get more popularity
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