A topic which I feel people need to know. 

So the meaning of content, is to be satisfied with who you are, what you do and all what makes you. and stagnant, means to stop, to cease at a state, where there is no growth neither, mental nor physical nor spiritual. you are stuck at a state. 

We always use to listen to the lines, like, we should be satisfied with our ownselves, and we should never compare ourselves to others. but tell me, do we really follow what we preach? 

Are we satisfied with what type of person we are? 

Are we growing? 

I am not talking about a quick, sudden or random growth. I am talking about a slow and steady growth, where not only the money we are getting in form of salaries are increasing, but also where we love the way of earning money. 

It's very important for each one of us, no matter how we look, how many friends we have, how many people follow us on social media, how many people like to talk with us, or anything which is outer, but it's important to know that am I feeling good about my achievements, about my growth, am I improving myself? 


It's good if you are content, infact most of the people, don't feel that and that is the reason of depression sometimes. Celebrate, if you are satisfied, with your lifestyles, people around you, the job you do, the person you are!


And one this important to know, that being satisfied not means that you don't want to grow. you are not stagnant, just content. 


For an instance, I just passed my class 12th with 83.3% and I am satisfied. but that not means that now this is the end, this is a beginning I have a long way to go. many of the people around me, got 95% and yeah, i am happy for them, but that does not means that I will start crying that aha why I got less? 

The hardwork and time I given to it's preparation is according to the marks i scored. how can i expect to score 95, when I was only aiming for 80% above? 

I am not suffering from cribbing syndrome. afterall, haha!


In comments section, tell me about why you are content?? let's introspect

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