"Do’s & Don’t of Life"


Hey guys, we live in very complex surrounding. Any wrong or right decision may change life drastically at a very moment .Right or Wrong of any particular course of action or any decision-making process depends upon demand of the situation . An action or a decision may both right or wrong as per perspective of various individuals.


For example”, A man is bagging for money or say food!”, Here comes the role of perspective and demand of situation. In common parlance we look bagging as a bad habit of lazy and hopeless people, but another perspective says that He/she tried to get a job or business but they failed, They had not enough resources to kick-in or they might not have any resources. Now the ‘survival’ is the question mark


. What a human rationale says?:- “Go  and ask for  help” ,’’Go and beg money ,resources, or food” if both the option doesn’t works “just involve yourself in crime (theft ,murders ,mafia, etc.). See how a single situation can change human identity in a very single moment. Suppose some people helped them instead, they would have had some resources to sustain on the right path.


With the above example we can understand how the phycology can impact either it is our or others.  We have some real-life Do’s & Don’ts to save yourself from current and future life disasters:




1.      Always keep your words in to limit.


2.     Behave with calm and wise in every situation.


3.    Have always positive people in your surroundings.


4.    Always be loyal to your family.


5.    Keep the God in your heart, it would protect you from behaving inhuman.




1.      Never tell your secrets to anyone.


2.     Never disrespect anyone.


3.    Don’t let anybody to make you dependent.


4.    Don’t allow anyone to disrespect you.


5.    Never disrespect parents.

                                                                                      -----SHUBHAM  LIMBACHIYA


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