Maintaining your mental health is vital to living a happy, healthy life. But unfortunately, millions of people struggle with mental illnesses that leave them feeling hopeless, helpless and alone. Many turn to drugs and alcohol to numb this pain and cope with the mental conditions they face.

Here I will discuss some points regarding coping up with some mental problems :

1) Choose your suitable time, and place to do this meditation. At first sit in a chair or you may also sit by leaning against wall. Relax your whole body. Avoid tight dresses. Then close your eyes and start taking deep breath. Breathe in for atleast 6 seconds then breathe out slowly. Focus your mind in any particular thought. Continue breathing process. Slowly you will feel calmness in our whole body. No matter what comes to mind, you should do this without paying attention to it. Always remember, "Thinking does not mean doing".

2) Start writing diary. It is one of the good practice in mental health. Write down the events that happened throughout the day, make schedule, plans etc.

3) Listen to music
4) Prioritise your passions, hobbies. Do whatever you like but don't stop it.

5) Involve yourself in some physical exercises, yogas, pranayamas etc.

6) Talk more. Talk to people daily. Explore your surroundings. Experience people and news things around you.

7) To gain confidence - stand in front of mirror, then look at yourself and utter these words, "I can do, I will do" many times. Do this everyday.

8) Never try to win by force, if you know that you are wrong.

9) Don't give up all the joys of your life thinking about "what people will say, what people will think".

10) Try to avoid negative people
11) Never be sad about the success of others. Never get jealous. Be happy with the happiness of others. Remember that your time will also come.

12) Express yourself to someone you trust or someone who would really understand you. Never wrap yourself up.

13) Never take any decision when you are angry. If you feel hopeless or you couldn't find any way out, don't know what to do, discuss it with someone and share everything related to it.

14) Don't expect from anybody.
15) Don't depend upon orhers rather be self dependent.

16) Be content with what you have. Never compare.

17) For overcoming fears :
         • be calm
         • don't rush in that situation
         • focus on your target
         • never let anything or anyone to divert yourself
         • go ahead with courage
         • never look back
         • Don't go back in fear, do more of what you are afraid to do. You have to deal with fear only then you will be able to overcome it.

18) Sometimes silence is better than nonsense.

19) Don't believe in luck, always believe yourself.

20) Always keep a smile on your face. You may also keep a photo of a smiling person with you and see it in the middle.

21) Be positive. Think positive. Talk positive.

22) Take enough sleep daily.
23) You are like yourself, you don't have to be like anyone else.

24) Don't let your emotions affect your performance. Remember no one pays for tears in this world.

25) Never underestimate yourself or think yourself as a loser.

26) "Listen with one ear and let out with the other ear".

27) Don't let your thoughts to control you.

28) Don't stay idle........rather try to engage yourself to some task. This may be any kind of task which will give you joy and keep you busy. You can try some brain games(puzzles, cognitive, intelligence, detectives cases, maths, memory, attention, concentration etc.).

29) In case of any conversation, first listen to the person then answer. Don't rush in between.

30) Delete "Ego" from your mind to maintain any kind of healthy relationship.

31) Always encourage and motivate yourself.

32) Try to be in the real world rather than virtual world.


So, I hope you will go through these and follow the same. Always remember that you are not alone ?

Last but not the least,


Thank You ?

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