I have received an email from LionBridge for a part time online job. I am working in an IT company which doesn't allow any part time job for their own reasons. Do you think it can be a risk in my current company if I work on that part time job because LionBridge will also do background check?

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I think you should really not go against the policies of a company. You might be in a mess if they find out. And for some extra earning that you might get from this part time work might put your current job at stake. So please go through the policies well before taking any step.

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Thank you said by: arjun sai

Yes, Lionbridge does a background check and your company will invariably find out if you are doing anything besides your job. If the policy of your company is strictly clear, then you should keep away from Lionbridge. They are professionals and their recruiting process is thorough, so keep away from it and only do other online work like you are doing now.

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Thank you said by: arjun sai

I suggest you to stay away from this particular company to keep your full time job intact. Either your own company or Lionbridge India will certainly disclose your identity therefore not suggested to go for it for a petty benefit.

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Thank you said by: arjun sai

Thank you everyone for your expert guidance. Even I was having a bad feeling for that online job. You all helped me to come to a decision. 

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