Two policemen were killed and a dreaded Pak terrorist escaped. Add to this martyrdom of 4 personnel of army on border and attack on an army camp at Pulwama. All this show that the BJP and the PDP in Kashmir are talking out of their hats when they say that Kashmir is under control. Modi himself had talked of "fitting reply" what that means, he can only explain. I fear the valley is getting out of the grip of India and it's about time that PDP-BJP government was dismissed and martial law imposed. There is no choice but to take harsh steps otherwise the valley is lost. This is not the time of being civil and allowing the notorious weakness exhibited by Hindus for centuries to stop decisive action.

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I agree, BJP should come out of the government and handover the state to Army. We need Martial Law in J&K to keep situation under control.

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India losing grip from the J&K terrorism because of our government. One day will come when J&K will not belong to India and this all happening because of our useful government.

This process cannot be delayed as my friends in the army who have not left tell me the valley is on fire. In fact, the situation went really bad when a serving SP of police was lynched to death outside a mosque and the Modi government just sat

Very true and the sad part is the BJP at center is clueless.

The Kashmir valley is about 100  miles long and 40 miles wide. It is a forest area and lots of mountains. The only language is to deploy special forces to counter the terror groups and their supporters. The PDP government along with BJP has to be dismissed and Hurriat leaders arrested and sent to Tihar jail. Draconian measures are called for and martial law regulations enforced, that by the way includes whipping and death by firing squad There is no option if Kashmir is to be saved other we can say goodbye and that will happen.

Thank you said by: usha manohar

I too feel that not enough has been done in the past 4 years to curb terror activities. But in some ways they have made progress..

Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !!!

Dear Usha, You will have to specify what progress has been made.  The facts on the ground are that the PDP-BJP government is ineffective with PDP openly siding with militants, yet BJP is in partnership with it. Militants attack at will for that reason and with the Mehbooba filing FIR against the army, what can be expected next? Modi is sitting like Buddha, perhaps he is wasting time on inconsequential things like Aadhar card etc. Decisive action is called for in Kashmir.

I suggest three immediate steps in Jammu & Kashmir. Governor Rule, Full authority to Army and no mercy to terrorists whether they come from this side of the border or that side. Terrorists are terrorists so they do not deserve any mercy from governments or army.

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The Kashmir valley needs military rule, monitored by the Central govt , no matter what the opposition might do.Not only should the terrorists be weeded out , those leaning towards them too should be made to understand that they have to toe the line. The other day one of the leaders of a fringe group was asking " what is the Indian army doing on my soil? "  What audacity ? That needs to be crushed

Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !!!

I think operation clean Terrorist should continue permanently to clear all terrorist from India I salute Indian army for giving best efforts. No doubt if they will not alert then every place can be dangerous to walk for us.

Santosh Kumar Singh


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