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Rewards may act as a kind of tag, sealing information in the brain during learning,

Help your child. Reward them and allow them for a nap. It boosts the memory in your child.


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It is tough to put a kid to sleep aNd even more tougher to wake him up. I hve an eNergetic four yEar old nephew who is always ethusiastic aBout everything

Swetha Shenoy
Thank you said by: rambabu

I agree. Children refuse to wake up. This measure is to help the school going children, who come after a strenuous class room session. The parents, instead of questioning all about the home work and tuition, should complement them and allow them for a nap. This helps in a big way in boosting the memory of the child.


Haha. Wen my nephew comes back from school, all he wants to do is play!!!! He refuses to even Sit for a second!!

Swetha Shenoy
Thank you said by: rambabu

Even that aspect in the child is also good. Anything is good except vexing the children  with probing questions by the parents about the school activities. The idea is to allow the child to act freely. Naturally after playing, the child falls asleep. This sleep allows the child to build up the memory power during sleep


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