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Whatever happens that happens. We cannot undo the incidents; Yet we should learn from our mistake. I believe that the air-crash could have been avoided provided the following care was taken:

1. A thorough checkup should have been carried out if the chopper was in hangers for long.
2. Weather forecast should have been considered before taking-off from Hyderabad
3. The chopper should have been brought-back if the pilot noticed a bad weather ahead
4. It should be discussed whether another mode of transport would have been better than a flight by a chopper

- Harish Jharia

Harish Jharia
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Well all these questions will be answered in the investigation. It is still not clear why the helicopter went in east direction which was supposed to go in South.

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alreary it happened,we cant avoid anything ,its a fat
he is good person .i saw him one time in real.he is very simple ,and very helpful man.but we missed him,so we cant do anything now,
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