Hey! Feeling alone? Need a companion? Yes, What for? Who? A friend, guardian, or the one I missed. Hope you get that. Yeah, that one, you guessed it right? But, ever had a thought Why? Why do you need someone in your life every time? Aren’t you complete in yourself? Can’t you live a life for yourself, with yourself? Well, you need to think then and you should. 


They say we have come alone on this planet and will go alone. I admire the fact. The one who does not want to spend time with himself will always search for someone. But, is it certain that every time you want someone in your life will always be there for you? You know whatyou have the answer. The one who looks for someone for every other thing he has to do is the one who runs away from himself. And the one who runs from himself always remains alone, no matter how many people surround him. 


Knowing how to spend time with yourself is a blessing not everyone has and is not admired by the ones who have it in them. When you spend time with yourself there is no one on this earth you will ever need because all the solutions to your problems, the answers to your questions, and the companion to your solidarity lie within you. You only need to figure out yourself, admire and appreciate all you have, and not look for what you don’t. Mind it, there is no peace in life if it does not come from within. The joy, the holiness, and the accomplishment which is then attained are incomparable. 


So, don’t take yourself for granted let others do. Admire the life you have got and learn to live it with yourself.

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