How frequently you should do teeth whitening ?

 How to go for  teeth cleaning ?

Want that pearls in your smile exhibiting shine and liveliness? Your smile defines the beauty in you. Its right in the centre of the face and defines your inner aspect. When you smile you also exhibit your teeth. Right !!! we are going to talk about your teeth today and how frequently you should whiten them. It needs the same hygiene and care what your body needs. Remember, the smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.Taking care of your teeth is not only important from looks point of view but also important from dental hygiene point of view


Maintaining hygiene

We all are aware of the secrets behind white teeth when you wear a smile. But you need to maintain that well. As age advances there are many conditions that affect your tooth or the gums. Dentists advice its important to maintain dental hygiene. Maintaining hygiene by brushing your teeth regularly atleast twice a day is advisable and important for every individual.

You should focus on preventing cavities and avoiding sugary foods which causes an havoc in the moth flora and causes the bacteria to attck your teeth. Here is why tooth whitening is important. You should do it once in 2 months if you happen to consume too much tea and coffee. Don’t over do tooth whitening as that may result in loss of the enamel which is lining the tooth.Teeth whitening may damage the dentin layer of the tooth. To avoid yellow stains and tartar go for regular dental cleaning every 4 months.


Tooth whitening is also important for your smile and to keep dental hygiene. It helps to keep tartar at bay which is tough material that deposits on the teeth surface . Using anti tartar mouthwash might help and keep the tooth white along with whitening toothpaste. Preventing tooth stains can be taken care at home by brushing twice daily and using a whitening toothpaste. This also keeps tartar at bay and keeps the mouth fresh.


Results of tooth whitening

When the teeth whitening is done at a professional dentist clinic , tartar and the bad breath is taking care of . It should be done once in 2 months and the results last for around 4 months

Avoid foods that stain the teeth

Drink lots of water. Stay hydrated

Using home remedies to whiten your teeth every month is considered safe

Go for regular dental cleaning


Side effects of teeth whitening

While teeth whitening is considered safe you may experience tooth sensitivity at times because of loss of enamel.You get many tooth whitening gels and toothpaste along with strips and light devices. Use same of good quality which does not provide any side effects. Prolonged tooth whitening at the dentist and using too many chemicals can cause tooth sensitivity . So you need to take care and not over do it. Maintain good and regular hygiene which will add shine to your pearls and take care of the cavities and the dentist drill. Visit your dentist every 6 months for sure.Its important to maintain dental hygiene at your best just like you need body hygiene .  

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