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<p>The Times of India quoted Nobel Laureate Kailsah Satyarthi having said on Friday that intolerance is on the rise and there is a dialogue deficit between the government and its people. Not only intolerance but fear and apathy has also risen in the society at large which is dividing it.<p><p> So far we were being made fool by the politicians on religious grounds to serve their vote bank policy by following the appeasement for some particular groups of the society. When opposing that appeasement policy was started for ensuring true secularism, that opposition is being branded as intolerance-rise. Why is a particular section of society being targetted when all of the Indians had been slave for centuries. The intolerance of one particular group was to happen as the patience of tolerance has a limit. One section can not keep mum if their brethren are being victimised in other parts of world and within India, on the religious grounds.<p>


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