A few days ago a Journalist was murdered in U.P., case was filed against some policemen and a minister. But now the minister is offering rs. 20 lakh and a govt. job to a family member to withdraw the case.





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No. It was not ascertained that the person who approached offering a bribe to the victim was the PRO of the minister. It may be a ploy to turn the case in a wrong direction. We have to wait until the investigation is complete after filing the FIR by the victim's father.


Yes, before investigation we can't conclude about the culprit. But in the video of the statement given by Jagendra, he told the name of minister behind the incident.


May be. It's wise to wait. In AP my state many such cases are coming up. Most of the cases were enacted by the outsiders sent by opposition parties to defame the concerned minister.

Journalist last statement is testimony to this, as far as my knowledge goes death statement is always considered true in every stage of court. 


But not without investigation. Because the journalist's father has lodged an FIR.


The latest is the UP government itself has promised Rs 30 lakh and jobs to members of the household and I think they are withdrawing their agitation. Money always along with job is a great incentive.

No wonder. There are lot of precedences. Courtesy our judicial system

Our Judicial system is rotten. This is not my opinion, but the opinion of Justice Katju a supreme Court Judge ( retired). He has also petitioned against the present Chief Justice  Dattu, who has made crores in property deals in bangalore for his removal. What can you do in India ?

The family of the murdered journalist has already finished their hunger strike. They have settled for Rs 30 lacs and jobs for 2 of the family members. So, the family of murdered journalist has withdrawn charges for this deal. Is there a way the law will set things right?

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So the law shut his mouth. All is well that ends well.

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