They say “energy (matter) can be neither created nor destroyed, but change their forms” and it's very evident that this cosmos is a soup of infinite galaxies being stirred by the spatulas of time and space. The tandem of creation and destruction is taken care by vortexes of black holes. Among infinite galaxies there is this planet earth on one, I am not going into too much details but you should check how minuscule our planet is and be grateful for a moment that your terrestrial body gets perfect amount of sunlight so that it can support life. We humans are one of the organisms among a trillion fellow organisms, with whom we were supposed to share this earth, unfortunately we were cognitively more able than our fellow peers which led to all achieving all selfish feats like mass extinction of mega fauna wherever we land our foot, agricultural revolution, couldn't stand our brother Neanderthals, permanent settlements, religion for unexplained, scientific revolution and economic theories. All of them tries to reach a certain illusion of a perfect society, does it exist for real? If it does for whom will it be perfect?

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