Whenever I post an article, after few days, there is a lock e symbol appearing beside the topic. And also, whenever I go to the topic  that says'' topic is locked'' What does that mean?

When and how can I start earning?

K. Yogita Sahiti

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Yes adm is not accepting articles. Wait till it will restart.

Let me clarify your doubt! First of forums are not the proper place for posting your articles so you should either post something which other members can also participate. Secondly- article posting is presently suspended so you should wait until it resumes. You can earn by posting in forums and answering questions in QA section. Check earning tab/your dashboard for your current earning.  

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Article submission is suspended at present and we all are waiting and praying for it to revive. Sunil has clarified all your doubts.

I am open to experience what life's mystery bag holds for me


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