Exchange rate of which date is considered for calculating revenue share?

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Good question,Jayen. I am also eager to know the answer for your query. :)
I think it must be the rate at which Boddunan converts its dollar income into rupees.
Being a new member would like to know this as I am planning to earn a share or two this month.
wishes Rupali, i think it is based on the day when the list is created..It wont differ much anyway. Lets wait for maverick's answer
Awaiting eagerly for the answer from Maverick.Rupali, I wish you all the best.
Yes i too have this doubt..hope to get answer from Moderator.. :dry:
Yes guys lets wait for the moderator to clear this doubt so that we will have permanent solution to this question.

Click the below link for news which you can use:NeWsYoUCaNUsE
Welcome Rupali and wish you all the best! Hope to see your posts in the forum.
Since the actual conversion will not be available till the time Google clear the payment(which is after one month), I usually take the PayPal conversion rate which also pays me from dolors to rupees.

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Thanks for the reply maverick. i think there will be a standard with which google will keep up with the differing rates
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