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Should there be a minimum educational qualification for our politicians?

What do you think should be the minimum qualification for different elected representative right from Gram Panchayatas, Municipal boards and corporations? What should be qualification of members of state assemblies and parliament?

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Of course, the politicians should be given tickets based on their minimum educational qualifications AND also work experience. Having mere degree or a diploma is of no use if the politicians have no basic sense of how to conduct themselves or how to apply their knowledge to governance. Also, based on the kind of constituency or whatever they are applying for, their minimum qualifications should relate with the specific areas. eg. applicants aspiring to run for gram panchayats should have a knowledge about farming skills and issues related to rural areas etc.

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Politicians definitely should have minimum education qualification. As of now since there is no such criteria, there have been instances where people who have no sense of governance have been pushed into the politics by others. But they ended up being a mere puppet in the hands of others. But more important is the ability to conduct themselves. Many of the politicians conduct their bussiness in such an undignified manner that it only brings chaos and confusion in the administration.

I feel education is necessary for Politicians, education is the weapon used to protect our country from every danger.Additionally, a well educated politician can understand the difficulties faced by people in the Society and then implement laws according to those.poverty and social inequalities can be wiped away through the intelligence of the politicians.A politician can find many solutions for one problem, if he has acquired basic education. That is why we consider Right to education is a fundamental right. If the politicians of the country are not educated, then just imagine what would be people be like.

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There should be a minimum educational qualification for the minister but the "minimum" is again an ambiguous entity. But yes education does help. We have a meticulously written constitution, laws, regulations, rights and duties. I feel that for a good governance, its important for the minister to know the his rights and duties as a minister. Education helps here. Also to understand his job as a minister, to be an active member in political groups and parliament, to understand and reply back to the questions asked to him... education is a must.

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Yes there should be some minimum qualification for our politicians. These politicians should have educational qualifications so that they can communicate with the public in better way. Our politicians who lead us, govern us must understand need of public on basis of different levels, such as financial, modern technology, also these politicians must be educated to that level at which they can understand the current need of public, and understand how to upgrade the level of people who are lacking behind the society because of un education and lack of knowledge of current technology.

This is something that has been debated time and again with some people saying that there are other qualities that are far more essential  to be considered a good  leader than being educated and highly qualified. However, most people would agree that a basic educational qualification is needed for any  responsible job , more so when it concerns the future of a nation and its people. Unless you know what your responsibilities are and how to carry them out,  no individual can do justice to his or her job . In India people tend to give a larger than life image to the political leaders but when you actually think of it,it is nothing but a job that needs to be done like any other job . Once people become aware of this fact politicians will automatically come down to earth . I feel that a more aware nation is even more necessary to keep the political leaders on their toes.

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Education is the key to awareness and is definitely sought after for all the reputed jobs. Politics should also come under the category of reputed job and I feel one of the most crucial career. It effects the nation. Anyone and everyone resorts to politics and bring down the quality of politics. Like all the decent job there should be a minimum educational qualification for politics also. It will also make it as a dignified career and let more eligible candidates and youths of the country look forward to it as a respectable career.

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When the minimum education qualification is being fixed, the fact that many of the students who can't afford higher education drop out after matric should be considered. Moreover, some politicians who had only basic education had managed to do their job very expertly. So matric level could be fixed as a minimum education. It will ensure that the aspiring politicians are at least literate and have basic knowledge about the roles and duties expected of them.

Another criteria that should be made compulsory for the aspiring politician is that they should be residing For at least 10 years in the area where they intend to stand for election. Nowadays since there is no such restriction, some politicians stand for election in places which they hardly visit. So we often hear about politicians neglecting their constituency once elected. 10 years is sufficient time for a person to understand the need and aspirations of the people.


Education is a must for a Politician. In a Country like India,only people who are uneducated and money minded try to become a politician because all they care about is getting rich, setting aside the people suffering around them or about the Country. It doesn't mean that  every uneducated politician is bad. But don't you think that an educated person would understand the depth of the situation and be better at solving the problems faced by India today. a politician with good thoughts and a meticulous plan for India is always the need of the hour

I feel that making a minimum education mandatory for all public servants would increase the literacy rate and also help in getting rid of some unwanted social evils. The reason being we have a huge number of minister and want-to-be ministers... Many of them are not educated. But if education becomes mandatory not only will these want to be ministers study... But they will also make sure everyone in their family is educated... Because we knw in india...politics runs in the family.. with the more educated people capable of decision making we can hope to bring an  end to social evils like child marrimage...female infanticide...etc 

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