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Anarchy is a response to extreme suppression by the oppressed. However the Indian oppressed have tremendous tolerance. They have  been subjected to exploitation forgenerations and their energy tofight back is totally finished. I concur with @ Kalyani's above post. I have also seen in Eastern UP how the contractors in connivance with officials exploit extremely poor tribals even sexually. They are treated worsethan animals. Yet it is strange that relatively well off Patels / Gurjars / Jats / Maratthas want resevation. In fact reservation should for the downtrodden SC, ST & physically handicapped and the young jawans who retire in their thirties and are a discilined and trained resource. It is such class which should rise for its rights and not the already privileged  Anarchy fromm such groups will result in improvement.

Hate politics is an immoral activity of the highest order practiced by our politicians to get that mileage in order to stick to power. This is undesirable. This type of strategy sets a bad example. People are carried away by the politicians speeches because they elected their leaders and firmly believe whatever their leaders say as true. Thus the politicians use unsuspecting people who elected them as the pawns to achieve their ends. . This is the very factor that contributes to Instability in all spheres of activity.

This is what i do not expect to see in a democratic set up. I expect that ideal democratic system that's free from these pseudo and greedy politicians.

 Even Satan shudders to see such Government with these disease spreading worms.

Reservation is the main obstacle in the progress of our country. Our country will not progress well, till we have reservation in our system. Reservation should be completely removed from our system and people who are demanding for reservation should be tackled strictly by our government. What Hardik Patel have done in last few days? Only loss to our economy and public property. Such people should not be allowed to do strikes and movements and should be handled strictly.

Even after more than 6 decades of independence, the citizens of our country are still not on the same page in terms of fundamental rights such as food, shelter, security and sanitation. While reservation did work for a few, it should have been hardlined that once the benefactors obtained the desired education and became financially settled, they should have surrendered their reservation facilities so that those facilities may be extended to other deserving. However, those people rose above their lowly beginnings, obtained education, homes, money, good jobs, everything they wanted, and they still avail reservation facilities which puts great strain on the economics of our country. Reservation cannot be completely done away at this point, but the whole basis on which rests needs to be scrapped and reevaluated. Strictly speaking, only the people below poverty line should be given reservation facilities. Currently, it is not reservation per se that is behind the problems of anarchy we are seeing, but the corruption that is happening under the guise of reservation.

So far as the anarchic situation that we are seeing today created by Hardick Patel, it is evident that the brains behind his agitation belong to someone else, not Hardick and we need not guess who it might be. It is nothing but another attempt to sideline people's attention from more concerning issues of corruption, famine, etc. 


"I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally."
- W. C. Fields :)

Someone has very aptly put it right when he said that Reservations demanded by upper castes is a case of greed and not need. However it must not be forgotten that caste bias is very much prevalent in our society and can play havoc in times of recruitment. I have myself seen caste bias being openly exhibited during job interview in favor of upper caste candidates. So some per cent of seats and jobs have to be reserved for socially backward and marginalised communities and physically handicapped and ex servicemen who retire in their thirties. The benefit of reservation should be given only to one generation and not subsequent  ones to ensure fair distribution within the eligible sections and also bring more equality in the society. The agitation by Patels is in a way a blackmail tactic for having supported the ruling party formore than two decades. It is a form of anarchy which should be rejected lock, stock and barrel.

Decades ago, mass demonstrations were used mainly to bring attention of the world to social injustices, in fights for basic human rights and various other social causes in an attempt to bring equality in all walks and facets of life. In the 80s such demonstrations and agitations were mainly to fight for rights of earning livelihood for the blue collar working classes who were being exploited by the rich industry owners. Then, such demonstrations, although anarchic in nature, certainly had something worthwhile to fight for.

Now, what we are seeing is demonstration by a community of people who is already rich and affluent with most of the members being in the super super rich category. They owns acres and acres of farmlands, factories and a variety of other businesses, so to speak, the community has all 'five of their fingers in the ghee'. And yet, they want reservation. And to get it, they are stopping at nothing, already they caused damage to public property to the tune of nearly 12 crores with the figures piling up more and more as each day more and more trains are getting canceled. People, businesses are all suffering in a big way. If at all, government bows down and grants them what they want, will the Patel community including the GUjjars, Jaats and Marathas from all over country pay and make up for these losses? NO, they will certainly only snatch and grab what they can lay their hands on/ So such damaging agitation certainly needs to be squashed in time because the reason is simply not worthwhile.

"I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally."
- W. C. Fields :)

At present the Patel agitation is at rest. Government response will depend upon the intensity and support it will be able to gather when it enters the second phase. Already there are indications that affected OBC sections are planning counter agitations. In the long run it will turn out to be a battle of attrition with loss to humans and property. If I know the Patels well they have tremendous unity among themselves and NRI support is also available liberally. They can muster financial support from within and rich NRI's. It is the latter support which was used by the BJP gainfully. So it is now quid pro quid. Therefore government will be in a tight corner if Patels are able to launch a very sustained agitation. The political masters in Gujarat and Center both will get affected and thus some sort of pacification will take place. Will it be in form of reservation or something else will depend on the intensity and support Patel's are able to garner. 

India has reservation policy which is based on caste system and I am against it. Long ago people of the so called upper caste stopped people of the so called lower caste from entering the temples, did not allow them to drink water from specific ponds, even they were not allowed to walk beside them and what not were all ridiculous practices. It was basically a custom of demeaning another human being. I always feel hurt that how some people can be so degraded in their activity that they fail to respect other fellow human beings. Now, there is another kind of discrimination which is gaining popularity everyday. Earlier, it was a section of people who themselves created discrimination among the fellow beings and considered themselves supreme but now, it's the government who is indulging into discrimination among the countrymen. Through this they are hitting one section of people below the belt. The only difference is that the people standing at the receiving end is from that group whose predecessors at sometime oppressed the other section. Ultimately. it's reservation which was once man made and now it's made by government. In every way it's wrong. Promoting someone does not mean that another section has to be pulled down. You see, students fail in their examination if they write it without preparation. Do the teachers fail the students on the basis of caste or only on the basis of knowledge? The evaluation is always made on the basis of knowledge then how can such a rule be applied which gives preference on the basis of caste for getting admission in college and to have a job. This will have a very bad repercussion one day and India will loose its peace.


What is anarchy and what is not, it all depends on how do we perceive it.In a democratic dispensation such bouts of unrest and turbulence are safety valves, allowing the potentially destructive and excessive steam to spend itself for stabilisation. Now coming to the rationale behind the policy of reservation. None amongst us is opposed to it and its relevance as an instrument of social justice could hardly be questioned but all problems stem from its perverse implementation and here lies the danger.We are sitting atop a powder keg, so to speak. The economic criterion should be the sole basis, otherwise we are driving the bulging brigades of bright boys and girls whose collective negative energies can tear the country apart. Hardik Patels are symptoms not the disease. Backwardness is an emotive issue in India and some shrewd, yet immoral leaders of several backward communities exploited this issue to good effect to advance their political career but what is so reprehensible about them is that these nimble-footed rank opportunists ditch their communities once their ends are achieved. I have Lalu,Mayavati,Ram Vilas  et al.

No country can progress when anarchism is at its peak. In my first answer of this thread I have supported anarchism. Now, it sounds like a contradiction on my part. No, I am not insane to support unrest but it has to be understood on a simple backdrop. Those who are forcefully wronged due to bad policy will not tolerate after a certain point of time. One aspect that the lawmakers forget is when dreams get shattered then revolution takes place.                                                                                                                                                                               The students or the job seekers whose ability is much above the average level can turn their agitation against reservation into a huge one just because they do not lack brains. The main point is if a below standard person gets what he/she does not deserve then it must be protested. 

Those who come from economically weaker section (EWS)  they definitely deserve some reservation but imagine those who are from stable economic condition gets the benefit of reservation. I want to ask the lawmakers that, why, did the affluent people of the reserved caste did not study well before the examination. Isn't it that they take the advantage of the reservation policy for granted? Recently, in Delhi a racket busted out which had misused the quota system and enrolled the students under the EWS scheme from some wealthy lot. Then what's the use of such policies which do not serve the right purpose. 

The reservation policy on caste basis is nothing but an oppression. India is at loss because the aspirants with low IQ and below average academic performance cannot brighten the future. Even the number of brain drain increases because when the seekers do not enjoy a position of their ability then who can stop them from flocking towards west. 

Thus, agitation is not healthy for a country but it cannot be avoided when some wrong is meted out to a section of countrymen on the basis of caste system. Wrong agitation cannot be entertained but unconditional support must be extended to those who raise their voice against disgusting policies.    


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