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Gulshan Kumar Ajmani wrote:
rambabu wrote:

Shani nagar a village in the Indian state of Maharashtra is famous for two things. One is for its temple and another one is no house in the village has doors. Despite this no theft was reported in the village.

I also saw this fact on TV. But it appears that there is some belief about bad consequences to the thief, which is deterring factor.  

Whatever may be the reason, that it's a fact I responded to a comment above That there is no era where people slept keeping their doors open. Now its left to your discretion




So Shani Nagar is representative of India, which it cannot be.

Who said Shaninagar is representative Of India ? Your comment is irrelevant to the topic.


It was you who  brought Shaninagar into the topic and now it is irrelevant. Great.

That's because you said That there no such places where people can sleep peacefully without locking the doors. , you said Is Saninagaer a representative of India. ? That's all, i don't have any thing new to add to this discussion.


At least get some facts correct (addressed to everyone involved in this last part of discussion) the name of the town is Shani Shingnapur and not Shaninagar! As it looks like there is nothing substantial anyone is interested in carrying discussion to the topic, I am locking it up!

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