It is wlcome step that a transgenderhas got appointment inTamilnadu govt. service.  It is time government ends all discrimination on basis of gender. Male female and 'other gender' should be given same treatment in matter of employment. suitability on basis of education and aptitude/ physical fitness alone needbe criterion.


G. K. Ajmani Tax consultant

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That sounds like a good news. This community was worst off for a long time and some cheats were taking advantage in the disguise of transgenders.

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It is a good move no doubt , since it gives them hope for a better dignified future. It is a sorry sight to see them begging near the street lights and at toll gates and made fun of by others ..

Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !!!

That's truly a good news. Such a step is always welcome and it should continue in the near future too and capability should be given the first priority.


It is good move and will be a motivation for several people. Education and abilities should be recognized instead of gender discrimination.

It is good thing. Government done now it turn society to treat his like other employees. Here in one adjoining city Hanuman Garh one transgender is Municipaily councillor 

The fact is that the government, the officials and the general people of India need to grow up mentality wise. We must learn that the transgender needs to be accepted as any other human being in this society and we have no right to make fun of them.


I must admit that Prathika Yashini with her  determination and strong will fought humiliations created by biased minded society . Fortunately, with the help of Madras High Court, Yashini could become the First transgender Police officer of Tamil Nadu.


It is good news indeed. Transgender people need acceptance and this is one of the steps to show acceptance towards them.

“A mistake is a crash-course in learning” – Billy Anderson

Live and let live. Transgenders too are humans. Simply because they are not in par with the social norms of the society which are mostly taboos and outdated beliefs, it's unfair to treat Transgenders as if they are dirt. Anyhow, it's heartening to see a change has come in the Society.


That's really a vast change in thinking especially in India which is good and i hope that India succeed in his thinking in the coming time 

bhuyali saroj

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