Most authors of articles on sled classify them according to material production. It really depends on many things: ease of carrying, maintenance, management. The most common type is already so much time left metal sled. They have not changed much since our childhood.
With a wooden sled, especially if they are still with figures "under Khokhloma" immediately reminded of Russian folk tales.
Easy and original wickerwork sledge. They are both classical form and retro. But the market are rare, mostly made to order.
A new generation of children's sleds are plastic. There is plenty to choose from: a variety of sizes and shapes of complexity. Starting from the sled, "ice-" - usually a plastic plate with a recess and the handles on the sides and ending with guided snowmobile and snegokatami.
And finally, inflatable sled, made of polyvinyl chloride - an environmentally safe plastic.

Design sleigh

If we talk about design sleds, they are clumsy, transforming and folding. Transformers can transform somewhat by removing the removable parts. But folding sled and if you want completely folded. A variation of this model are sled-chair for children (such currently stroller with runners), as well as more secure sled-kangaroos.

Children's sleigh for small

Choose a sled for those who had not yet turned 2 years old - it is very responsible. Indeed, in this age is particularly easy to get injured. The lower the sled and wider spacing between the runners, so they are stable. It is important that it was closed on all sides by the model.
Sledge with handle will always keep the child in sight and make it easier to control. And if it is still sled with rocker handle, then the child can take to the road and face, and face-to-mom. Seat belts will be the extra protection. Well, of course, parents will need to purchase a warm mat or envelope. Optimal model in this case will be wheelchair -sled.

Difficult matter of choice

Your child is already more than 2 years? Then select the circle expands. However, it is important to consider all the details to sledging gave only joy. Above all, remember the age restrictions: first, you can use wooden sledges, with 1.5 years - plastic and metal - from 2 years old, but the inflatable - not before the age of 6.
By the way, the security issue does not lose relevance for any age child. Plastic sled stable, have no sharp edges, easy to manage. Also quite stable, wooden sleigh-runners and their low metal relatives. Relatively inflatable sleds, opinions diverge: they soften the blows, but can quickly turn over, causing injury.
Here is how to store and transport times better sled inflatable. Blew and folded into a bag along with the pump. Wood and metal models can often be either folded or removed from their individual elements. The most voluminous are some models of the plastic sled.

Sledge: care

After the walk, plastic and inflatable sled simply wash under the shower. Metal sled runners from frequent washing can rust and dirt in the timber just eats.
Durable likely to be plastic and wooden sleigh, the metal may eventually begin to "peel off" the paint. Also be aware that plastic and inflatable sled skiers, there are weight restrictions, and the first and still can not be used at temperatures below 20 ° C.
Many models have extra items. Depending on your circumstances, they can either be another plus, or just increase the weight and increase the price. For example, the sled with an awning will protect against wind and rain. Sankey children with a handle will be convenient to transport parents. But while riding the slide, these items will be a hindrance.
Universal sled with pusher with one hand and a rope - with other (often called "push-pull sled"). Sledge 2010-11 from this category are models with soft bushings pen-pusher.

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