A few months back there was a buzz around that Microsoft going to buy Yahoo.  All the buzz was wiped out by the new CEO of Yahoo.  Yet there were talks may be new future this may come into being.  As Microsoft is looking into expansion of it search business.

Here you go the news is out and now whenever you search using the Yahoo, it will be also running a search for the same word on BING too.

Microsoft and Yahoo have combined their search engine to give more faster results and increase their share of market in competition with Google.  With this partnership Microsoft will make it position to No 2 with Google being the No 1.  Still it is long way to go for the both search engine to compete with Google.

Google who has not expanded it horizon in Search engine, has gone a step forward with browser, mobile operating system(Android) and now Chrome is the next OS that Google is going to release.

What does this Deal between Yahoo and Microsoft mean?

This is 10 year agreement call for Microsoft to Yahoo for its search, where in Yahoo will be handling the premium ads revenue.  This deal will also provide Microsoft it new applauded search Engine BING with more features and functionality.

Microsoft has very small percentage of advertiser on it pages.  with a tie with Yahoo now Microsoft can increase it base in advertise with more people looking into the new revamped search engine which wil offer better results then previous search engine of Microsoft.  In return this help both Yahoo and Microsoft to increase their in revenue in both sector.

We need to wait and watch now with Microsoft and Yahoo, Google is still leader.  What will be the next from either companies to lift their position and market value.




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