Important day of the Indians August 15, 1947

Till 15 August 1947, India was ruled the British who had come here for trade but stayed on to rule the country. They were able to do so because of disunity and quarrels amongst the local kings and princes. At first British traders began to interfere in the political affairs of the country. Then they took over certain parts, and finally established their rule over the entire country.

Indians realized that they had lost their freedom. Lows were made which treated Indians badly. Initially, only a few Indians protested against British rule. Later more people joined them and it became a national movement.

The freedom struggle spanned over a hundred years freedom was finally achieved on 15 august 1947. We celebrate this every year as Independence Day.

Independent India

Netaji believed that British would not live India easily. Force would have to be used.

After the Second World War, provincial Autonomy was reintroduced and elections to the provincial legislatures were held. The congress formed ministries in all provinces where it had office earlier. The British were now aware that the Indians would not be satisfied with anything freedom.

The British policy of divide and rule had been successful and now the situation was beyond anyone’s control. The difference between Hindus and Muslims could longer be resolved. Hindu –Muslim disturbance occurred in many places. It was decided to divide India into two separate countries – India and Pakistan, after which the British would leave. Gandhi’s dream of a united India, in which Hindus and Muslims would live like brothers, was shattered.

On 15 August 1947, India became a free country. Fifty years have passed since we have achieved freedom. We have fought three wars and faced other threats. But we stand united because the people of India want to be one country, one people.

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