Best is not their best

I try my best doing things in a right way, as per rules and as expected of me but most of us do the same. But, sometimes I feel that doing everything in an organized way it never lets rest our minds at peace as it keeps suggesting something or the other. Then trying to give our better we keep trying newer methods and never feel satisfied despite our best efforts.

The question here is, ‘is it wrong to do things better?’ The answer is simple, do what you can do for improvement of work quality but it should come naturally and not with a feeling of unworthiness toward your own doings. It should not be at the cost of your own mental peace. In fact your thoughts, mind and consciousness make a perfect combination is the mantra for your over all power and betterment.

They want to do better

There is one more point; the extra spirit of doing better is another reason of restlessness for people having great working capacity, knowledge and willingness with all their might and motivation. Such people always do better than others. They are ‘never satisfied’ type people that can find fault even in the best they did. They are the sort of people who find something to worry even when there is nothing to worry.

Actually people try to take control over the unknown situations thinking about future situation just in case they could not do all the right things expected of them and lose their mental peace. The situation arises if a person is suffering from the feeling of insecurities but that does not help his cause rather sends him in a state when he cannot concentrate on anything and lost in the jungle of uncertainties.

If you ever feel you are one of them, you should ask a simple question from yourself- Are you putting extra pressure on yourself or trying to do something which is beyond your capacity? Trying to do everything which is beyond your control is like not believing in the power of universe.

Do it with all your might

In fact, one could work all through his life wishing all wonderful things in his life but the only way to get them is to work for them in a systematic way. But then a very simple question comes to mind, what is this talk about the right way or systematic method?

Here are two points that should help anyone willing to achieve success in life. The first one is if what is important or NOW. Or if it is really as important that it should be on your priority list? And if it’s not then do what needs your immediate attention.

And once you have decided your priorities and started working on them do not leave that job unless you have finished it. The same is also applicable to whatever you’re doing at any given point of time. If you are at work, just be there. It’s important to be there unless the job is fully done. 

You must now that we have certain fixed duties in our life which come in the list of our priorities to perform at your best or to work with integrity or to raise your children with all your capability. All these things are your responsibilities and fall in the list of your priorities.

You know we have a life to live and it will give us a different experience at every step. You should never forget that you will see changes at different points of your life but you cannot avoid completing your duties.

I don't know how much do you agree when someone says ‘I go on living even if have problems that I face in my life. Maybe I have certain fears, sadness, and other problems but I have hopes and dreams too.’

Most people tend to feel that they are talented, caring, smart and very intelligent and they have certain great things going at right pace going for them. But the truth is we all have our weaknesses and if you ask me then I have no hesitation accepting the fact that I have learned to live with all my flaws, qualities and talents. 

At what price?

I know many people who got everything whatever they wanted to including good salary package, luxury car and big house but not all of them are satisfied. They are finding life meaningless and feeling emptiness inside them because they have reached to the conclusion that they have got their success at the cost of something which was costlier compared to what they got in return. In fact, they paid too high a price for their physical achievements.

Perhaps they felt that they had sacrificed their relations, friends and the time for reaching to the top of the world or achieving their ambitious targets but they found themselves standing there alone. Setting all about your ambitious objects is nothing wrong but not thinking about your relations is as important but they forgot about this crucial aspect while trekking rapidly towards the top. Although they were not the only people who reached to the top but even those who reached there did not see anyone around because they were competing with each other.

Make your priorities right

The fact is when you work with an aim keeping your priorities right then you act in entirely different way. But to act properly you have to keep many things in mind which may sound funny to the persons looking at higher goals but these small points will save them from disappointments in the later stage. For instance, answer a simple question- how would you differentiate in between being alone or feeling of loneliness. In fact, you need your personal space but you certainly do not need loneliness.

If you ask me I would explain the meaning of being ‘alone’ as being with yourself and not feeling of loneliness. People who know the art of living alone know the beauty of meeting people too. And such people are altogether different from people who are lonely as I told you earlier that lonely is different from being alone. The people who have reached to the top but are lonely come in the category who have no one to share their happiness and sad moments with.

But did they really sacrifice their relations, friends and the time for reaching to the top of the world or achieving their ambitious targets? I think they only thought so or maybe they were only partially right! 

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