Good habits for to development as a great man.

When you do a certain thing over and over again it becomes a habit.

Even the most difficult jobs can become easy through sheer habit. It is necessary for all of us to develop as many good habits as we can. This will help us to lead a good and useful life, to become responsible citizens.

There are certain points which must be kept in mind if one wishes to acquire good habits.

A)Will power

You must have the will power to do a thing, no matter how tough the task may be. Will power makes you work hard until you succeed. If you want to do well in the exams, you must have the will power to gain confidence.


Failure and success go hand in hand in man’s life. Do not be disheartened. Failure is the sure way to success. Failure helps you to develop tenacity.

C)Try again

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Yes, only by making several attempts at the task can you be successful/. This is called perseverance.


You must work at the task in a regular and organized fashion. This way there will not be any confusion and you will learn where exactly you have gone wrong.

E)Begin today

Tomorrow never comes, so they say. So, if you want to do some work, start right now. Don’t postpone or late it. A habit, once formed, becomes a part of life. That is how chewing Jarda paan or tobacco, or drinking alcohol also becomes a pert of life. The first time you do any of thee things, it may not be either easy or pleasant. But if you constantly do it, it becomes a regular habit. But these are bad habits. So always try to imbibe good habits.

Once you have acquired a bad habit, it is very difficult to get rid of it. But you must try to do so. When your mind is disturbed and distracted, you try to bring it under control. This is called restrain.

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