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From very early times, people had lived in groups. Even most of the animals go about in groups. We have to depend on each other to live happily and peacefully. Do you know which group is the smallest among people? It is the family.

A family consists of a father, mother and children. Some times the family includes grand parents, uncles and aunts. Then it becomes a big family. Wealth may be shared between the members of the family.

Father is the head of a small family. Father and mother are called parents. We must obey our parents.

Small or a big family is in a house with the high or low members. Family members are in a unity.

Father is an earner. Mother is also cooker and earner.

Good health family is live with happily.


How do we know about the people who lived a long log time ago?

We know such things from the stories others tell. We also know these from books. Story of the past is called `history’.

History tells us about the life and incidents of the past.

There are a lot of books on history.

Sometimes, people write the history of the life of other people. It is called `biography’. When a man writes his own biography it becomes `auto biography’.

We can read books at the libraries. Have you got a library in you village or town? Then go there and read the books on history and biography.


My village

Villages consist of group of many families. Do you know the name of your village? From where did it get that name? If you don’t know, ask the elders.

There are many buildings in our country which are important in the history. Taj Mahal, Quatab Minor is some among them. There may be many stories behind old buildings. These buildings are called `historical monuments’.

Have you got any such monuments in your village?

Yes, no doubt, possibility is there.

Some places are also important in history. Delhi and Porbandar are examples. Do know how Porbandar became famous? It is because Mahatma Gandhi was born there.



Our school is good

Our school is great

Little great name

Intelligent pupils’ good name

That is our school

It is a small school. It is out of the village. Color plants Garden is there. Teacher teaches best. We read well.



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