Time is more value. Post time cannot get back. Do not sit idle.

Time is your most important asset. Once it is lost for ever.

Think of all the confusion there would be if train did not run on time, if planes did not take off on time, and if people did not get to work on time! Time is limited, and if the world has to function efficiently, then everything must run according to a schedule or time plan.

The twenty four hours in a day cannot be stretched to twenty eight or thirty house just because some lazy people have decided to oversleep, or decided to postpone what they are supposed to do now.

What are all the things that you have to do in a day? You need time to dress and go to school you spend time at school. You need time to do your homework. You also need time to play games and be with friends, because ``all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’’

Your day, then, is really a busy one. Ta make it a happy days as well, you must be careful about diving your time properly among all these daily actives.

Time is an opportunity which you must grab and utilize to return to turn your self into an achiever.

The time at school is your opportunity to increase your knowledge and do better and better. So that one day you can become a successful person-this is the time for you to pay attention to your lessons in class. If you spend it in giggling and whispering with your friends instead of listening to your teacher, then you will have to take off time elsewhere, in order to make up what you have missed. You may never make up this work at all, because there is no more time to spare!

What is the difference between the students who do well and the student who get poor marks? Each one of them has the same time. The difference lies in the way make use of their time. There are no excuses for wasting time, because however busy you might be, you can always find time to study.

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