Take out any daily newspaper and scan local tabloid, where you find number of classfieds, on earning money with an easy way.  If you subscribe to them, you will find ultimately, it is a network business scheme or any other marketing theme, for which you have to work-out very hard!  Normally, everyone of us is easily attracted to such type of advertisements, but never think of saving money through a lot of ways, which is also a method of earning money.  Let us know about some of these tips, which are very much useful in our day-today-life and also shows us the cutting down of our expenditure!


Nowadays, through internet and in the sites like froogle.com, you can compare the prices of any article at different shops, where you can do 50% of homework.  After taking a final decision, leisurely you can visit the shop, which is offering the best price.

Go for seasonal shopping.  Suppose if you are planning for an air-conditioner, next year, do not wait upto summer!  Lot of off-season discounts are offered during winter and grab those opportunities.

Many credit cards offer, discount on your usage.  Through some points or straight discount, you can make use of those and save money.  And remember, never give chance to the credit card issuer to charge you with interest.  Pay the bills well in time, so that you get credit for several days with free of interest.

Some shops offer coupons for your future usage, through which you get discount.  Do not throw them away, preserve carefully and get ready for your next shopping.

At any place, there will be retailers as well as wholesalers.  Some wholesalers do offer the retail price at their shops.  Enquire thoroughly and make this a value buy.  You can find a wide gap between the retail and wholesale prices.

Be aware of consumer seminars and try to attend.  Read the articles about the consumer forum cases, where the consumers are successful.  Your awareness will be increased and you will also find what is good and what is bad.

Personal Finance:

Check up yourself, your family and your home articles, whether all are properly insured or not?  Giving your family after you is very important.  Saving your articles, your beloved ones through insurance is also a wise thing, it is not only life insurance but also health insurance.  Go though various plans offered by various companies but also be watchful at their past track record, where the claims are easily refunded or not.  Some times with a very little extra-cost, you can find good additional riders for your insurance policy.  Also check up whether all of them you need.

Whenever you go to your bank for the updation of your pass book or ministatement through ATM, make sure that you are not unnecessarily penalised with any fees.  Some times the entries related to some other account-holders may be passed on to you, or else, in some private banks, negligently penalise the customers, where you must be alert and demand for the refund.  Confirm whether those charges or mandatory and also ask the banker to give aunthenticity for that.

Also check up your mortgage loan regularly.  In the name of service charges, inspection charges, the bank may unnecessarily penalise you with differend names of the fees.  Know about them and ask the bank to refund, if you need not pay.

If you have a land-line or post-paid mobile phone, check up all the calls which you made throroughly, where you can find some unnecessary calls or prolonged calls too.  Try to cut down them in the next bill, where your precaution makes your bill thin.

Also think about power bills.  Do not plug sockets without use.  Do not hang the mobile chargers, even they are switched off, power will be consumed.  Inculcate the habit of switching of lights, fans and other electrical items to your children.  Try to use sunlight during the day, by not using the electricity.  Depend mostly on nature.  Try to buy the articles which work with naturaly energy like solar light, calculator etc.,

Water is a very rich resource, every one of us needs.  Use it carefully and try to save.  Check up all your pipes and taps for leakages and get them right with your plumber.  Wherever possible try to recycle the rain water by harvesting through recharge pits, which makes your borewell or well, not easily dried during the summer.


You may generally have a bike or two and also a car.  It is your regular habit to go to the nearby market, to get vegetables.  On a very cool morning, why don't you walk along and get them.  For walkable distances, you need not take out your vehicle, thereby causing expenditure to yourself and pollution to the world.

Also try to keep a bicycle for you at home.  If the distance is too far, you can ride on the bicycle, where you also can have some exercise and also help the earth by being eco-friendly.  This saves you a lot of fuel and also makes you healthy too.  So the doctor's bill also can be reduced.

Make sure, on renewal of your vehicle insurance, every year the non-claim discounts of insurance are reflected in the premium.

Keep your tires properly inflated, thereby you can save gas or fuel and also prolong their life.

Little things do big wonders.  Allocate a few rupees for the maintenance of your vehilce, which prevents you to expend a big amount all of a sudden, towards the cost of the spares.  Do regularly check up the fluid-levels and pressure of the tires and try to follow the directives as per the manual given by the maker of your vehicle.

This car is boring for you, but the new car costs you more! You can afford the cost of a new car but for some time-being your beloved old car is also good one.  As long as it runs well and fuel-efficient, try to get along with it, till you can not stop the urge of buying a new car!


Try to give up your expensive bad habits like drinks and parties.  These are enjoyable but also expensive.  If you slowly reduce them in number, after some time, you can stop yourself to go for them. Remember your health is also taken care of, by avoiding these.

Avoid outside food.  Food at hotels, is generally very delicious but also injurious to health, as they add many artificial flavours, colours and some times chemicals.  At home, we can also make ourselves a very toothsome food, with a lot of discounted cost, compared to the hotel.  So why can't you try?  If you are saving health as well as money, why to look at hotel?  Home is the best!

Whenever there is an unexpected income for you in the form of a lottery, lucky-dip or dividend, do not mix up with your regular income.  Keep it separately and try to save it in a fixed deposit, where your family enjoy the benefits of it, whenever exigencies occur.

Be simple.  Do not be lavish.  Simplicity gives you a lot of image in the society but lavish makes you an oddman.  Also simplicity always makes your budget simple and provides you good health!  So happy savings!

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