Before starting investing, we should know some basic things. See the Checklist For Novice.

To invest in a mutual fund, you need the following:
  • PAN Card: As per the SEBI rules, the PAN card submission is mandatory to invest in the mutual funds.
  • Bank Account/Check Book: If you plan for the SIP method, you may need to have a bank account and check book. You can go for the auto debit facility but it is limited to some major cities.
  • Fund: Select the fund in which you want to invest. Look at the funds that have longer history and consistent growth. Look at the fund manager and his abilities and complete profile
  • Offer Document*: "Read the offer document carefully before investing". This is not just an ad statement but an important thing you need to do before investing.
Now you can contact any broker who will assist you in opening an account with the AMC to invest in the fund. Alternatively, you can open a trading account from companies such as Sharekhan, Reliance Money, ICICI Direct and invest in mutual fund apart from investing in the stocks. Opening trading account will ease your way by providing the option of investing online, reduces the burden of filling forms etc.

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