Now a days, 'save tigers!' is the alarm voice in our media. my question is "is really people mercy about tigers or they want symbol of such things for fun. Some people said, " we can't say to our grandson, this is tiger .There is no alive tiger. We will use only pictures." It shows the selfish of men. We have to consider soul is same to all living things. No matter, it is men, tiger, lion, street dog, insects and worms.

It is one formal thing. Street dogs are killing without mercy. Some people throw stones over dogs. It is very cruel one. Because they throw stones for fun. They enjoy the cry of dog. This is not indicate the cultural activity of men. People use bulls, horses for pulling some carts. They beat that animals for fast pulling. Some people use cows for milk. But they don't feed in proper manner. That cows use wastage bin for their food. It's milk become slow poison and it affects society. That cow also dead soon.

Hens and goats are killed for meat. It is formal thing, they are used by non.vegetarian people. Apart from killing, they treated in cruel manner before killing. They are treated as a bundles in transport times.

In our street, city, or temple sides, many lunatic people are there. They also treated in bad manner than animals. Some lunatic women abused by criminals in sexual manner. Every one should posses some moral in their mind. Soul is same to all living things which are created by same god. Every children have to get good moral education about mercy. Some stories will teach about mercy such as Buddha's story. That is siddartha(younger buddtha) saves the bird, sibi(king)  sacrifices his blood and flesh for saves one pigeon. That forms the good mercy mind of children.

Because now a days, some people ask "what is the rate of merycy?"... Hope, Future will get mercy.

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