If an individual takes medicines properly as prescribed by physician but fails to follow rules of nature then his high blood pressure or any other disorder is never going to get corrected. He will get surrounded by other sorts of diseases and disorders too. As a result, instead of benefiting he will face more harm. Thus, if a person becomes affected by any of the diseases he should cure it by his controlled life style.


Individuals of all age groups should cultivate habit of waking early before sun rise. After finishing off their daily chores like brushing, washing of hands and legs, washing face should go for walk. One can chose to walk on the banks of river or in forest or any other open area. Duration of walk and the distance to be covered depend on person's physical condition. After returning home a person should rest for some time and then take a bath. Cold water bath is very beneficial. However, depending on the weather, warm water bath can also be taken. After bath, one can indulge in worshiping or spiritual activities. Later, yoga, pranayama  can also be performed.

Early morning exposure to sunlight proves very effective. Later, good nutritious food in breakfast and milk should be consumed. In the afternoon around 12 light lunch can be eaten. Food should be chewed properly before swallowing. Work of teeth should not be made to be done by the intestine. One should drink water either half an hour before or half an hour after meals and not in between or immediately after meals. Water after meals interferes in digestion. After meals one should have a slow pace walk for short duration. In the evening time one should eat fruits or can drink fruit juice. Dinner should be very light. Fat rich and fried dishes should be totally avoided. Dinner should be done before sunset. After dinner, one should go for walk of short duration. A glass of milk before bed time is very beneficial.

If one wishes to wake up early then he should cultivate habit of sleeping early. Being awake for late night is harmful for health. One should not cover their face with blanket as carbon-dioxide expelled out will not be able to come out and a person will remain deprived of fresh oxygen. If one is not hungry then one should not eat. This will keep intestine and digestive system healthy. One should never eat in more amount once belly gets filled. Once in a week, fasting is a good habit. Excretion of urine and uric acid etc..... should never be controlled. Even hiccups, yawning, sneezing should never be stopped.

Consumption of good nutritious food along with daily regular walk will avoid constipation. If due to carelessness a person is suffering from constipation then he should immediately get rid of it. He can make use of enema. In the morning time he should consume one glass of lemon juice with 4 teaspoons of honey and go for a walk. This will help him to get rid of constipation.

One should always remain happy. Tension, anger, jealousy etc..... should not be given a place in our lives. Apart from this, one should never lose hope. One should always keep hope alive. Getting surprised or not controlling emotions is harmful to health. Sitting idle is also not good for health. A person should indulge himself in some sort of physical work. Individuals not indulging their body in physical task should become aware in this aspect. Physical work improves health. But, if physical work is done beyond an individual's ability can prove to be harmful. Thus, one should work out till the limits their body allows them. In between rest is also recommended.


Oil massage gives a very fruitful effect on body. For this, usually mustard oil is been used. If available or if necessary, other oils can also be used for massage purposes. Oil should be chosen depending on patient's condition and strength.

For high blood pressure patients too, oil massage is very beneficial. Excess of pressure should not be exerted in fact slight pressure should be exerted while massaging. Massage should be started from foot. Later, thighs should be massaged. Back should be massaged in direction from hips towards shoulders and not from back of neck to hips. While massaging high blood pressure patients, care should be taken that blood is not thrown towards heart.


Hot water bath is good for high blood pressure patients. It will improve the flexibility of stiffened blood vessels.

Procedure of hot water bath is:- salt is added to hot water. This will thicken the water. This mixture has to be rubbed on each and every part of body. After it dries up, warm water bath should be taken and salt should be washed out from body. Body has to be cleaned properly. While drying up body with the help of towel all the body parts have to be rubbed properly. This will open up all the pores of the body.


This is done only in case of high blood pressure patients and not in other cases. Cold water is poured on head of high blood pressure patients and massage is done. Cold water should be kept pouring through left hand and with the help of right hand, massage is done. This is beneficial for high blood pressure patients. It will bring their blood pressure under control.



Salt is one main cause for high blood pressure patients. If blood pressure of an individual rises then to control it individual has to make necessary changes in his diet. First thing that gets noticed in this aspect is salt and in high blood pressure patient's diet, salt intake is reduced to a large extent. With decrease in salt intake, rising of blood pressure stops and it starts coming under control.


Like salt, other addictions for example, marijuana, coffee, tea, cigarette, tobacco, pan masala etc..... also increases blood pressure. Daily consumption of these products not only increases blood pressure but are also very harmful.

In this relation, an essential thing that has to be taken care of is one who are addicted to these stuffs should not all of a sudden stop consuming these products. Instead they should gradually reduce their intake otherwise reverse effects will be seen on their bodies. Thus, in such situations it would be better that patient should gradually leave these addictions and not all of a sudden if they wish to see a remarkable control in their blood pressure. For this, they have to consult a doctor. Firm will of addicted patients will help them to get rid of these addictions and also they will be able to control their blood pressure.


Protein not only is essential to keep body healthy but also plays an important role to keep blood pressure normal. Imbalance in blood pressure develops due to inadequate intake of protein. This is the reason that high blood pressure patients are given extra protein along with the protein amount they derive from their food intake. High blood pressure patients are given proteins in the form of medications. 


Acupressure is also known as pressure therapy. We have many such points in our body where when pressure is exerted, blood pressure gets controlled. It is also seen that through acupressure, dosage of medicines in case of some patients get reduced.

In acupressure therapy, muscles become stress free. This therapy is used in many countries of the world like England, France, Russia, Japan etc..... In this therapy, on each point, pressure is exerted for a duration ranging from few seconds to one minute. Activity of exerting pressure on points should be done properly either with the help of finger or pencil. Acupressure therapy creates remarkable improvement in blood pressure. This therapy has to be done for at least 3-4 times in a day. If this is done before bed time then it proves very beneficial.


This therapy is also now a days becoming very popular. In this therapy, magnetic belt is tied over hands and legs. It treats high blood pressure, diabetes, pain in hands and limbs etc..... Few patients are asked to use this belt during night time. Water treated with high magnetic effect of strong magnets if consumed regularly by patients can benefit them greatly. Now a days, many patients adopt this magnetic therapy.


Sun rays provide vitamin D to our body. Sun rays contain 7 colors. These colors include violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Sun is the main source of our life. Right form ancient times, we have been worshiping it. In foreign countries, people are seen lying down in sand and taking sun bath and it is a very common habit over there. In our country too, people living near sea shore areas practice it very commonly. Sun bath is a very good habit and if practiced regularly keeps body healthy.

Red color increases heart attack as well as high blood pressure. High blood pressure patients should protect themselves from red clothes, red painted rooms etc..... whereas, rosy color yields beneficial effect on health. Blue rays also produce good effect on high blood pressure patients. This color eliminates stress, tension, restlessness and increases peace within individual. Green color excites many glands in our body and it is also beneficial in case of high blood pressure patients. It makes person tension free. Taking a walk in greener areas, wearing light green clothes all prove as beneficial measures to treat high blood pressure. Patients should eat fresh green vegetables regularly. Yellow color is beneficial to kidneys, liver and is also essential for performing other physical activities. It helps to get rid of constipation and increases working efficiency of body.

Gaining good health through color therapy is quite easy as well as beneficial. Body has to be subjected to regular sun bath. Colored bottles should be filled with water and should be kept in sun. This water when used regularly proves to be beneficial.

Green colored bottle should be filled with water for up to 3/4th level and should be kept in sun rays for half an hour. This bottle will incorporate green color in water. Similarly, yellow bottle if made use of will help to incorporate yellow color in water. Water from green bottle should always be consumed on empty stomach whereas water from red bottle should never be consumed on empty stomach.

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