Acne is one big problem
Summers bring acne and pimples due to heat, moisture and dust. Heat makes skin more oily hence the pimples. To get rid of pimples and acnes one must keep washing mouth and other body parts as many times as possible that helps keeping skin clean. Keeping skin clean helps but there are cases when one cannot prevent getting

1. Pimples therefore take some precautionary measurements to not to allow them getting worse
2. Never, touch pimples frequently that may spread them even more.
3. Clean your face with oil-free face-wash
4- Use gel-based sunscreen; oil-based sunscreen will make pimples worse.

Your skin needs deep cleansing
This weather demands that you deep cleanse your skin daily at least twice to keep it look glowing and free from some of the problems. Face wash and gels made of Aloe Vera, cucumber, lavender, mint, and seaweeds are good options to keep your skin look great. Your skin needs extra toning and care to keep control on oil flow and dust particles in your skin.sunny11

To keep your skin glowing
Summers bring many problems for your skin including loss of shine of your skin. You can always keep it intact by going for right eating habits and other allied precautions. You should wipe you face and other body parts with soft hands in case you have used sunscreen lotion rubbing hard would take sunscreen away and leave your skin unprotected.

Summers demand you to scrub your body every day this not only helps blackheads but reduce sunburns problem too. The best scrubs are available in your kitchen use them. Turmeric with gram floor and curds make a great scrub.

Here is another scrub that can help your sunburns and tanning problem keep away. One tablespoon sandal powder, one tablespoon Multani mitti (fullers earth) half a spoon of poppy seeds, a little bit of saffron, a little bit of turmeric, a tablespoon full of powdered orange peels, two tablespoon full milk with any fruit juice Using this face pack is not only absolutely safe but gives wonderful result for all kind of skins.

To keep your face and other body parts clean and oil free use of milk and curds is another good way. Different lentils in powdered shape mixed with turmeric powder, sandalwood powder and papaya mixed with calamine lotion is one of the best ways to keep your skin and face look great and shining.

To remove tanning from your body and face you can try face pack made of camphor and milk mixed with sandalwood powder is another good pack. Try sandal with meshed cucumber and tomato juice for 20-30 minutes on your face to get rid of tanning effects.


Your diet is important
Your diet is one important factor of your healthy body and skin. If you are not healthy and not eating balanced diet then you shall never have a good skin because the best of beauty product cannot help you if you are not eating healthy and balanced diet. This is important to avoid oily, spicy and fried food. Eating light, easy to digest food help keeps your skin glowing.

Vegetables, fruits and fruit juices are one good way to keep your skin moisturized and trouble free. Use of mangoes, watermelons, Litchi etc along with limejuice and other fruit juices along with lots of water would provide desired results.

How to save yourself from sun
There is no way one can avoid totally from going out in sunlight. Sunlight is available even inside of your home. There are a few precautions those may help you protect you from some of the side effects of harsh sunlight during summer season. Avoid direct sunlight on your body, keep your body well wrapped and use sunscreen lotions/gels. Use umbrella and sunglasses of standard companies.

Use of deodorants may prove harmful avoid use of the same; discharge of sweat is good for our body. Use of talcum powder should be restricted to specific needs. Be careful while using swimming pool, never forget the use of waterproof sunscreen lotion. Drink as much water and liquids as much you can. Eat fruits congaing vitamin C. Avoid cosmetics, as they may prove harmful for your skin in summers.

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