Organic foods have become the trend of the present scenario. Organic foods are defined as those foods that are produced, processed and manufactured without the use of chemicals. These foods are produced using organic seeds, organic fertilizers, compost, organic pest control and organic root stimulators and grown in organic farms monitored by certified officials. These foods are gaining more attention among the consumers as well as the farmers. Some of the examples of organic foods include organic rice, meat, milk, honey, fruits, tea, coffee, wine, and oils such as coconut and olive oil.

Organic foods are certified foods that require certain standards to be met. You need to keep in mind certain tips while purchasing an organic food. You need to be keen enough to see to that the food item is certified as organic and also should be aware of the organizations that are authorized to sell these foods. Also keep in mind that the price of the organic foods differs widely, that is, in the range of 10% to even 200%, depending upon the area from where the product is purchased.

Organic foods are definitely more advantageous than the conventional foods. It is very helpful in protecting against diseases like cancer and heart disease, due to the effect of higher levels of phenolic compounds they possess. Also they are highly nutritious, good quality, natural, fresh and tasty.

Other heath benefits of Organic food

  • Organic foods contain 10 to 50% more phyto nutrients when compared to conventional foods.
  • Since farm animals are not grown by injecting growth hormones, the organic meat is healthier than the normal one, thereby preventing the various side effects in human.
  • Organic foods also have more antioxidants when compared to the conventional foods. These antioxidants help to control the aging process as well as cancer.

Advantages of Organic food

  • They are natural and do not contain any chemical.
  • They are nutritious and enriched with natural taste although they are not very good in appearance as compared to the chemically produced ones.
  • Growing foods organically protects nature from soil erosion.
  • It is easy to differentiate the organic foods from others since these foods have labels.
  • These foods contain increased shelf life

Although the Organic foods are found to be more beneficial than the conventional foods, it is not affordable to all because of being very expensive. Otherwise, the Organic foods are found to be much reliable with respect to health benefits, certification, quality, taste and environmental benefits. So it’s high time to think about these special foods and make the best use of nature.

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